Why shoon city?

City theme

There’s not many things with a bigger link to Earth 2 than “Shoon” and that’s not going to change. We’ve taken the fun play on words and crated a fun play on cities “The playground of Earth 2” everything from racing to concerts and events. The place to let go and de-stress.

But we’ve not forgotten you investors in these early days. However fun something is it can always be more than that:

Cyber Girl


Built over a wealthy capital city with a huge population of 2,039,000. The city of Minsk, within the country of Belarus. Which has a GDP of 63.08 billion USD (2019).

The main area of Shoon City is located over 2 parks. 2 parks with over 15,000 google reviews huge footfall. It also hosts an annual music festival “Stereo weekend”, Christmas festivals, has a botanical garden, it’s own theme park and much much more. If you’re looking for a place with a lot of daily foot traffic for those AR/ad revenue benefits, at a reasonable price then nothing else compares.

About the founder

The founder Pacey spent the best part of a decade working in the games industry. In that time personally producing and publishing well over 200 mobile and browser games. The majority of which were built in Unity (Same as Earth 2)

As well as negotiating partnerships with MMO game providers, producing video content and managing social media.

The ideal ‘training scenario’ for running a metaverse megacity.  

Pacey’s socials: 

For 5% off all new tile purchases and to support the production of Shoon City please use code: 989B6RNEG4

Shoon City Map

The city is split into zoned making it easy for investors and citizens to decide what to build where.

Down Town:

The social heart of the city. Here you will find everything from the city arena to bars, clubs and the teleport. 

Theme Park

A community built theme park. many cities buy up the full plot, leaving the edges for everyone else.Here we’ve laid the roads and taken a few smaller plots and ask you do the same. Pick a plot and decide what’s going to be there. Leave room for fellow players.

Sports Zone:

The area for everything sporty from destruction derby to golf, football and racing.

As the city grows more dedicated areas will be added.