How to Upgrade Land Tiers in Earth 2

How to upgrade land tiers

Right you lovely lot. Let’s take a look at how to upgrade land tiers. Now I will say there’s a nice big article from Earth 2 which covers all of this and much more in super details, I recommend having a read through that before you go spending your Essence …

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How to Submit Yellow Energy Claims

How to submit yellow Energy article featured image

So before we get started it should be noted there’s some pretty set in stone rules of what does and doesn’t qualify for Yellow Energy, Here’s a link to the Earth 2 article I do recommend giving that a read before submitting anything. But for those of you who …

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Yellow Energy Explained

So, Yellow Energy. What is it and how do we get it? First of all this is probably the first release from E2 that most players likely won’t get or qualify for but In Essence, Yellow Energy is a reward for creating helpful, educational or entertaining Earth 2 content and …

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Earth 2 Location, Location, Location

Featured imagine for the article Earth 2 Location, Location, Location

So, I’ve been thinking about land and what people will go for in the future. So far I think it would be fair to say landmarks in Earth 1 have been the most desired locations in Earth 2. Then capital cities, tourist spots, malls and so on. We have also …

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Shoonfest 2024

Shoonfest is back for 2024! Earth 2’s longest running annual community event celebrating the talent within the community and aiming to become a fully fledged carnival come festival inside of E2V1. So, how does it work? Whilst you’re watching the show please make a note of the contestants name or …

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Happy 3rd Birthday Earth 2

Happy 3rd Birthday Earth 2 Featured image

So it’s been 3 years since Earth 2 first launched. It’s genuinely almost hard to believe, it’s gone so fast. Happy Birthday Earth 2. Now I can’t lie, I was hoping we would have some amazing new feature, a whitepaper or maybe even the pre alpha of E2V1 to celebrate …

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