Breaking Down Shane’s Video

So today Shane dropped a video “Earth 2 Founder’s Candid Thoughts on Part of the Journey so Far”. I’m just going to go over that, pick out some points I find interesting and give my opinions on those.

So let’s get into it.

Shane reiratates it’s all about the players, the Earth 2 community. He wants the company moving forward to continue their about the community approach rather than it just being about the profits. 

Shane was exposed to the corporate world when E2 exploded and didn’t like it. He turned down investment from billionaires, venture capitalists and other influential people. Shane doesn’t want to go down the same road as we have in Earth 1 or even that of some other metaverse projects, where it’s just about how much they can get out of the consumer. But instead he wants to make us, the players part of that process.
All deals including ads will also be through the players. Businesses will need to either “play the game” themselves to get a presence within Earth 2 or work directly with us. However Earth 2 will give us tools and functionality to make this easier.

He also mentioned Earth 2 is centralized now but decentralization is coming, not only in terms of Essence crypto but for tiles and assets too.

Shane also mentioned he sees current land as cheap in some countries. To me, that implies he plans or expects for the value to continue increasing. Always a bonus for us land holders.

Next up, location inside E2 is important, Shane reiterating the importance of real world locations, even mentioning a high value sale around the statue of liberty and saying he can understand why players want them. He then goes onto mention that lesser known countries and places will be beneficial too. But for different reasons.

We already read about the free to play elements in the draft paper but Shane brings it up here too. Saying we can expect free to play soon with this linking into collaboration with land owners. Essence will become harder to get. Therefore co-operation between land owners and free to play players to get the most out of your land and increase essence yields will be not only beneficial but almost essential.

We also heard that the mapbox partnership is ongoing. I know some users had mentioned articles had been removed from the site which mentioned partnerships between Earth 2 and Mapbox. I’m guessing Shane noticed this and used the video as a chance to let us know that indeed the partnership is still in place.

We also hear more about how Shane is big on rewarding creative people and the ability for players to buy and sell. Not just the creators but re-sales too. Much the same as buying a physical good in the real world, he wants us to be able to buy, hold and sell these assets. Starting with the holobuilding sales, going onto drones and focusing on allowing unique player created content which has utility inside of Earth 2.

Shane also hits at another essence drop or “something else happening” in regards to essence before the listing. So keep your eyes open for that. If it is a drop, I’m super curious as to what it will be linked to. Hopefully it’s not just linked the E dollar value of the property again.

Next up, it seems Drone the game was renamed as Droid the game with Shane mentioning droids several times and the name droid the game but later also referring to the old version as Drone the game. He also said we will also see Droids as little helpers. Kind of like pets that follow you around and can perform tasks for us inside of the 3D world. I’m personally starting to think maybe the Earth 2 eggs might even hatch the winners a cool unique or limited edition droid.

Now this one was probably the biggest for me. I could be looking into it too much. But I suspect we will have the first 3D world in the next few months. Shane states the Droid editor will be launching “over the next few months” and in another sentence states we will be able to use those droids inside the 3D planet version of E2. Now it could be we get the editor before we get the functionality of using them inside E2… but I don’t know. To me it sounds like we’re getting both at the same time.

What did you guys think of it? Do you have any other thoughts or ideas to share?

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