Races in Earth 2?

So it looks like Earth 2 has races. Not as in car races, although I do think that will eventually be a given but races like humans, elves, orks and such. Although these are just examples of races rather than ones which will be present inside Earth 2.

We’ve had an absolute ton of information from the candid Shane video and the Earth 2 official video over the last 2 days. But the stand out point for me 100% was the single message Shane dropped into discord, now long after the new dev vlog dropped.

“sycophant is one example and it will depend on the race a Player decides to work with for ‘that part’ of the EcoSim / game. You guys will learn more about these, we probably chose the wrong one to drop as a teaser in this video! Almost 5am here – I am off to sleep now. Keep safe guys and don’t get too hung up on sycophant !”

Now I will say this comment didn’t come completely from nowhere. Users had been talking about sycophants being mentioned in the video, saying it’s an odd name and so on. Shane obviously had a peak in chat and noticed this and wanted to respond.

Now with it being almost 5am for Shane and the number of hours he’s working this could have been an accidental slip mentioning races, maybe something that was being saved for later. But regardless after checking with the community it does appear to be the first time there’s ever been any mention of races within the context of Earth 2.

Now it does also say “depend on the race a player decides to work with” so it’s not necessarily us selecting our own race here. It’s could be solely for NPC’s. I guess only time will tell for that one. But it is an indication we also need to make a choice on who or what we align with too. Could this give us varying unlocks, skills and tech trees or could it be warring factions? What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

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