Raiding in Earth 2 Explained – Simplified

The Droids are coming. So yeah, Earth 2’s riding video left me feeling pretty hyped. I’m basically just going to give you guys a very watered down version of what raiding is. I know huge burst of information can be a little overwhelming, especially when it includes so many stats

So in the most simple terms, we’re using our droids to raid unclaimed e-ther from other players’ properties, it will cost essence to get droids but it is essentially free to run them. But let’s take a look at this in a little more detail.

Basically we send out droids to collect E-ther from properties, to do this we initially need to select specific properties from the map to raid. However after we have some raids in the bag we will start to develop favourites and recently raided lists which are built into the reading screen for easy selection.

These raids will take a set amount of time which will vary depending on things like the distance away from the property and your droids setup. They do also have power cells which are drained during raids, so raiding close by will use less power and in turn allow you to do more raids. But further away or larger raids might be ideal for those of us away from the computer for a long time during the day.

So what is a Droid? Basically droids are something we can essentially claim from the land but just in energy form, with this state being called Meta-sprites, we can then essentially craft them into solid beings using Essence via our Mentars. The Droid is then bonded with the Mentar and remains tethered for use. There are also different kinds of droids which will have different functions in the future. But for now they all do the same.

Droids do also need to have a power cell to allow them to function, power cells are created using Essence. However this is just held and not burnt. You can power your droid down and take the essence back if you so desire.

Now we’re using our droids to raid for uncollected E-ther from Mentars before it expires. Basically how we now have 48 hours to collect our E-ther. That will sort of remain, as you still have 48 hours to claim it, however, it’s only safe for the first 24 of those. After which it becomes unstable and other players can raid it with their droids. 

Basically just make sure you’re collecting your E-ther at least every 24 hours and there’s no risk of anyone else grabbing it.

Now we won’t know if the property we’re trying to raid has uncollected E-ther or not, it will be trial and error, so checking if your raid was successful and creating a favourite list to raid where you know you’ve found E-ther in the past will be pretty much crucial if you want to increase your success rates.

Droids can also be slotted with jewels which will increase certain stats such as speed, storage and efficiency. However they will work without slotting too so don’t stress if you don’t have many jewels. They basically work as boosts that we can play around with to find the ideal build for our own play styles.

Droids do also need to recharge before going back out to raid, this is done within the properties Mentar. You won’t be able to go on a raid if there’s not enough energy left for the return trip, so keep this in mind when planning raids and charging sessions, try to work them around when  you can and can’t be at the pc.

So, I think the last point I need to quickly cover is property sizes. Basically the number of droids your property can have is based on the number of tiles within it and property sizes of 3 tiles can’t support droids at all. I’m guessing this is to balance the advantage they have when it comes to jewel farming and it’s very welcome in my eyes.

Now as I said at the start this really is a watered down version of raiding, hopefully they do keep it simple enough for the casual player too. as if you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to be doing is spending more time sifting through data to draw your battle plans than actually playing.

As always guys, I really hope this has helped. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to like and subscribe and have an amazing day.

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