Jewel Slotting Tactics for Resource and E-ther Generation in Earth 2

Do you want to make the most of the resources your land produces but need some help with your jewel slotting tactics to do this?

Well, one of the new Earth 2 updates has made jewel slotting a lot easier. We can now see exactly which resources our properties have, directly from the slotting page. 

Now, why is this important? Well, as we know our properties have to be primed to start producing resources, now I will repeat that. Your property will not produce the detected resource unless you slot them correctly. Now this is done by slotting with a prime jewel, a prime jewel which matches the detected resources on that property. Prime jewels being the jewel colours naturally spawned by our land, Anthracite, Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Ochre, Sandy and Yellow. However they can be upgraded to tier 2 or 3 for higher buffs and they will still be Prime jewels.

I do have videos on upgrading jewels if you need those. I will add links in the description below.

Now I would personally recommend slotting 1 Prime Jewel for each resource detected on your property, ideally a T3 prime if you have enough jewels to do that.

Now this is fairly easy for tier 1 land where we have between 5 – 12 jewel slots. However you might have to pick which resource you would prefer to produce on tier 2 land if you have more than 3 resources showing. I would suggest going for the HF ones first as these are high frequency, or biggest producers we have whereas UF is unknown frequency which will later be mid and low frequency.

We also have to bear in mind that some jewels do clash. Black and Anthracite jewels do completely cancel each other’s buffs if slotted into the same property. 

(Thanks Kissy)

Now Anthracite and Gold or black and gold have a debuff too but these only reduce the buff amount rather than a full cancellation of each other.

So, it’s up to you if you’re ok with the reduced or cancelled buffs and still want to prime multiples if you do have clashing resources. As far as I’m aware there’s no indication that the clashing jewels would cancel each others ability to prime, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

Now after you have all the prime jewels set for your detected resources. What to do with your remaining spaces? 

I would personally suggest slotting all of these with Tier 3 mixed jewels as these are the only jewels which give a +3% buff to E-ther detection on that property. We do also have Jamaica, Sunrise and Sunset which give a +2, so use those up if you have them sitting in your inventory. All of these do also give additional production boost to your resources so it is a good idea trying to match them as well as you can to the resources on your properties. For example a spinel jewel give a +3 E-ther detection but also a buff to the limestone and oil production so this would be ideal to slot on a property which has both limestone and oil.  

E2 news does have a really good sheet showing each jewel and the details of the buff it can provide or these can also be found on the combinations tab of the crafting page, allowing you to find exactly which jewels will work best for your plots resources.

As always I hope this has helped, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like and subscribe and a huge thanks to all my Patreons. Have an amazing day.

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