All Tier 3 Jewel Recipes – How to Craft Jewels – Tutorial – Earth 2

A complete guide to crafting all tier 3 Earth 2 Jewels.

So just to quickly go over upgrading our existing tier 2 jewels to tier 3 before going over the new recipes, as these recipes require tier 3 jewels. It’s exactly the same method as upgrading from tier 1 to 2, as shown in my last jewel recipe video. Apart from this time we need to use 3 tier 2 jewels instead of tier 1. They’re then spread across 3 slots and combined. This works for all existing tier 2 jewels, other than Sunset, Sunrise and Jamaica. These shatter if you try to merge them.

Now we also have a new tier 1 jewel that spawns from our properties, Anthracite. Which gives a buff to coal production and can be upgraded to tier 2 and 3 in the same way as the other Tier 1 jewels.

Now let’s start creating some new recipes:

Combining Tier 3 yellow and Ochre creates a Amber jewel.

Combining T3 Anthracite and sandy gives you a Andalusite jewel.

Combining T3 blue and green gives you a Aquamarine jewel.

Combining T3 black and blue gives you a Azurite jewel.

Combining black and ochre gives you a Bloodstone

T3 Yellow and black gives you Catseye

T3 Blue and Anthracite gives you Chrysocolla

T3 Yellow and blue gives Emerald

T3 Ochre and Sandy for Garnet

T3 Black and green for Jade

T3 Anthracite  and Green for Malachite

T3 Black and Anthracite for Obsidian

T3 green and Sandy for Opal.

T3 Ochre and green for Peridot

T3 Yellow and green Prehnite

T3 gray and Anthracite gives you Pyrite

T3 Ochre and Anthracite gives Ruby

T3 green and Gray give Serpentine

T3 gray and Sandy give you Slate

T3 grey and Blue give Sodalite

T3 Black and grey give Spinel

T3 Yellow and grey give Sunstone

T3 Ochre and blue give Tanzanite

T3 Anthracite  and Yellow give you Tigerseye

T3 Black and sandy give Titanite

T3 sandy and yellow gives you Topaz

T3 blue and sandy  gives you Turquoise

And lastly T3 gray Ochre give you Zircon

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