Yellow Energy Explained

So, Yellow Energy. What is it and how do we get it? First of all this is probably the first release from E2 that most players likely won’t get or qualify for but In Essence, Yellow Energy is a reward for creating helpful, educational or entertaining Earth 2 content and by content I mean articles, videos, posts and so on. These can be posted across pretty much any platform from Youtube to Tiktok, Medium, X and many more. However, it does need to be unique genuine content created by yourself, something effort has gone into. You wont get a reward for sharing someone else’s content or clicking the like or share button on a post. I’ve even seen some people trying to claim for official Earth 2 videos, linking to Earth 2’s YouTube.

Now that’s just a brief overview of exactly what qualifies for Yellow Energy and I have no doubt different players will interpret what qualifies and what doesn’t in different ways. Here’s a link the article from Earth 2 for anyone who does want more information. But from what I’ve seen of Shane’s discord and X comments it does seem like they are going to be a little strict on this, I can’t imagine Yellow Energy getting thrown here there and everywhere for any little post.

But what’s the point of Yellow Energy, what does it do I hear you asking? Well the article lets us know
“Yellow Energy will be redeemable for Essence at a ratio of 1 Yellow Energy Unit for $0.20 USD of Essence”What yellow energy can be redeemed for article screenshot it also goes on to let us know that the Essence will come from their marketing and rewards Essence pool and that the redemption period will start between 3-6 months of the official Essence token launch. Pretty cool. We have seen from the upcoming land upgrades system that we will be able to use it to reduce the land upgrade costs too.

Now there’s a pretty cool addition to the Yellow Energy system in that it gives you Yellow Energy Experience points and with these you can level up or unlock titles. There’s 12 titles ranging from the base level of Novice all the way up to the maximum title of Transcendent with each level giving you a multiplayer for Yellow Energy earned. Yellow Energy Titles
For example if someone with a base title of novice got a video approved which earned 100 Yellow energy they would get just that base level of 100 Yellow Energy. Whereas if someone with the title of Adept got the same video approved they would get a 2x multiplier applied meaning it would give them 200 Yellow Energy instead of the 100 base level and the maximum level of Transcendent is a 5x multiplier where they would get 500 Yellow Energy instead of the base of 100. To me this seems to encourage continued content from creators, something to aim for and perks to unlock as you progress through these levels. I mean who doesn’t like aiming for better levels or titles.

Now I should also mention it is possible to get a negative Yellow Energy experience score. Any content deemed to not qualify, or as spam, someone else’s content or even misinformative content could be penalised with a negative score. So please make sure you are confident your content will be approved before submitting. I do also have a how to submit Yellow Energy claims video on the channel too for anyone who does need help there.

Lastly, much like the resource validation process, Yellow Energy content does need to be submitted as a claim, a claim where other players can back you with Essence. Submissions need 1000 Essence to be pushed through to the review team. Now how many players this 1000 Essence comes from is down to you, you can set it anywhere from 33 players all the way up to 1000 players with lower numbers being easier to fill but also with players risking more Essence and by risking I mean players can lose up to 20% of the staked Essence should a claim fail. However they can also gain between 1 – 10% Essence bonus for any successful claims they backed.

Now I hope that has helped but here’s a link to the Earth 2 Yellow Energy article in this video description too if you do need further clarification:

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