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Happy 3rd Birthday Earth 2

Happy 3rd Birthday Earth 2 Featured image

So it’s been 3 years since Earth 2 first launched. It’s genuinely almost hard to believe, it’s gone so fast. Happy Birthday Earth 2. Now I can’t lie, I was hoping we would have some amazing new feature, a whitepaper or maybe even the pre alpha of E2V1 to celebrate …

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How to Buy and Sell Civilians in Earth 2

So the Earth 2 Civilian marketplace has gone live. I’m going to give you guys a little step by step guide on buying and selling civilians within it. Firstly to get to the civilian section of the bazaar you need to click into the marketplace in the main menu, in …

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How to Buy and Sell Cydroids in Earth 2

So the Earth 2 Cydroid Market is officially live and I’m going to walk you through the process of buying and selling cydroids on the Earth 2 marketplace. Firstly to get to the cydroid section of the bazaar you need to click into the marketplace in the main menu, once …

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An Earth 2 Jewel Quest

So we’re getting what Earth 2 have dubbed as an optional campaign for Pre E2V1 Wood, Water and Sand Occurrence Units. In short you can get backdated wood, water and sand resources on your plots by slotting the Green, Blue and Sandy jewels. However you do also need a holobuilding …

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How to Easily Setup Auto Raid Targets

A featured image showing an Earth 2 raid commander, some properties and cydroids.

Now this is for you guys who already have civilians, if you don’t I do have another tutorial on that, which I would recommend watching first. Civlain Setup Video Right so I’ve seen tons of people getting confused over this. Hopefully this will help. I’m going to start by saying …

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Red Energy Explained

What is Red Energy? So red energy. What exactly is it, how do we get it and what can we do with it? Let’s take a look. In short, red energy is earned from dispensing E-ther from successful raids. Right now we’re getting 1 to 1 as in 1 red …

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A Panel on Earth 2 Guilds

An image of Earth 2 guild members Resin, KenOhBee, Grandmaster along with show host Pacey

Today I’m joined by some prominent figures from Earth 2 guilds. KenOhBee from Lone Wolves, Grandmaster (Alex) from Dorkslayer and Resin from Knights of Malta. We cover guilds within Earth 2, the purpose of them now and their intent going forward. Along with a selection of community questions too. More …

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Red Energy – New in Game Currency

So a new type of in game currency has just dropped in Earth 2. Something called Red Energy, you can find it listed at the top of your profile page. Here’s what we know so far. Right now, Red energy is awarded for raiding or more specifically dispensing e-ther you …

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