Earth 2 Location, Location, Location

So, I’ve been thinking about land and what people will go for in the future. So far I think it would be fair to say landmarks in Earth 1 have been the most desired locations in Earth 2. Then capital cities, tourist spots, malls and so on. We have also seen player-made areas such as Megacities thrive inside of E2, some of them built over super busy E1 locations but others doing well in the middle of nowhere even without that geolocational link that many of us flocked to E2 for.

Now I completely understand why all these areas would do well. Busy E1 areas could potentially thrive if or when we do get augmented reality features such as Pokemon Go style activities and land owners getting a cut of share of either revenues or E2 assets on their land from users interacting there in E1. Not only that but it must also be pretty cool to say I own the Eiffel Tower, Stone Hendge or something similar in E2. Pretty much a way to flex over other players whilst also potentially getting the benefits of the geolocational linking real world traffic too.

But, will that continue inside of E2V1. Will players still be looking to get those busy E1 areas, well I imagine that will still exist. However I do think we will also start to see a shift, a shift to busy player made locations, thriving megacities and areas of natural beauty. Will we see players building in areas that would be a logistical nightmare to build in, in E1, like cliff tops, valleys, waterfalls the likes. I can imagine players wanting to join their friends in stunning settlements with views for miles or even finding an isolated lakeside or mid jungle retreat to build their own base, their own hidden little piece of paradise. With the size of E2 I can imagine players going on expeditions to find the perfect plot that could last days, weeks or even months. Somewhere where geolocational linking or resources are the last thing on their mind but where they’re simply trying to find something that’s perfect to them and feels like home.

What do you guys think? Will you be looking for the perfect location inside or E2V1 or will you be sticking with the busier urban areas.

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