Earth 2 Skins – What are they and what do they do?

So, what are Earth 2 Skins?
Essentially they’re cosmetic upgrades, a way to flex on other players, a way to stand out or even simply a way to express your personality through your avatar in the same way we do with clothes in the real world.

Now we do know none of them come with perks they are for aesthetics only. This has been confirmed by Shane and Earth 2, so don’t go collecting thinking you’re going to gain some super powers by having them. 

Now another way players have been looking at them are collectables. Things to showcase within E2. Especially now we’re starting to see really limited number drops, such as the recent ones limited to 250 and 500 of each.

Skins are also limited time events. They appear on the site for 24 hours and once those 24 hours are up, you won’t be able to get them again until they either re-launched in E2V1 if they didn’t sell out and or the marketplace opens up to allow for skin sales by players.
Now some skins drop as stealth drops and don’t have a timer showing when they will appear and others have a timer letting you know when they will drop. Either way you will see the timer or link to the skins at the top of the menu. Clicking this then takes you to the skin store. So basically to catch them you pretty much need to keep an eye on the site or look out for player alerts on socials.

Now although I have said they will be cosmetic only, Shane has also previously hinted at being able to potentially adventure in groups of our skins, maybe using them as or equipping them on NPC’s. I have tried to get further clarity on this poking Shane for more details, however I’ve had no success so far. 

Another cool part is we can customise these ourselves. Some of them come with the ability to change the colours of certain areas, giving some pretty cool looking pieces and further allowing you to have something a little more unique.

Now I just admit I’ve been guilty of this myself but it is really important to remember not to fomo too much into these. Earth 2 appears to be dropping new sets roughly once a week and with prices ranging anywhere from around $2 up to $30 per item. Trying to keep up with them can become expensive very fast. If you do find one you particularly want, remember you can always try to sell some jewels which your land spawns for free, or the same with civilians or maybe even flipping some tiles. You can even just skip the drop completely. There will always be more. You don’t always need to go for that wallet.

Lastly remember these are skins. A way to change the appearance of something and most of them do require a base item for them to be applied to before they can be used. Base items we likely won’t see until E2V1 at the earliest.

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