Knights of Malta

Introducing a brand new megacity, adding on to the organic growth of Malta’s main capital Valletta, brings Knights of Malta. Officially launched in May 2022 and founded originally in seeking overall governance and dominance, Resin its founder has branched out as a sponsor for the AR and ad capabilities holding within the humble 316km2 island of Malta along with the “Lords” who are awarded the title for owning a large amount of Malta land.

The history behind Malta goes back all the way to the launch of Earth 2. Small countries with limited tiles and exciting features such as rich history, web 3 embracing and popular earth 1 destinations, Malta was one of the first countries targeted by users and guilds in the beginning along with many others such as Gibraltar, Holy See, Monaco and The Vatican. When they realised the behemoth of a country it was to conquer at T1 prices, it was put to the side and left for another day.

Now with Tier 2 launched (at time of writing .24 a tile), Resin has pushed for the built up areas to be bought personally at first. Upon realising what others had over a year ago, the lens changed. He needed to create something that would attract users and its current land owners to fulfil the dream of an E2 megacity, without the limitations of guild goals and missions. Starting in early December, 750’s were bought cheaply in the north in Naxxar fields by the now Lords of Malta. After officially launching to the public it has slowly started encompassing the outer ring of the Malta population and foot traffic areas.

So, why Malta? And why in a built up area? Simple! Resin recognised that there were many talented and creative users out there, mapping out whole areas in a city like fashion on land that was bare for Phase 3. In areas of cities, where there are buildings, citizens and foot traffic, it was hard to set the guidelines for users to buy, and hard for them to want to purchase a plot that doesn’t match the capabilities of the properties that sit on them in the real world geolocation. Instead, he built a super highway that connects Naxxar, at the top, to Hal Tarxien and Kalkara, at the southern end and allowed for citizens to make their own way.

Malta boasts a rich land of limestone, one of the core resources required for building blocks. Not only that, Malta is the fourth most densely populated sovereign country (1633/km2) and tenth smallest country by area (316 km2). Malta is also classified as an advanced economy and is embracing of blockchain and cryptocurrency, which is suitable for Earth 2 adoption in AR aspects.

Knights of Malta’s focus is creating a community that doesn’t focus on spending money entirely, but by offering rewards and giveaways to active users as well as a central database of Malta properties connecting to their owners. Which in turn may connect with buyers, people who wish to rent their land or ad purposes. It aims to be the central directory for all Malta land owners. On top of that, its founder, Resin, insists on joining him and the citizens, knights and lords to their grotto tavern on discord for some fun, banter and good times.

Anyone can become a Lord. Anyone can join the Knights of Malta megacity and all partnerships are welcome. The Knights of Malta wish to collaborate with all users far and wide! Check out our website or you can join our discord

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