Supercharge Boost – Boosted E-ther – Explained

So, you guys may have noticed the supercharged boost bar on the e-ther collection section of E2 but what exactly is it?

Well in short it’s an additional E-ther bonus for active players, one that increases the more consecutive days you login and collect your E-ther, up to a maximum of 30 days in a row. Now the 30 days isn’t when it ends though, it’s simply when the boost reaches its maximum effect and by continuing to collect daily you will keep it at the maximum boost level.

Now probably the most important thing to remember is to not go more than 24 hours between E-ther collections if you want the boost to continue. I would even go as far as to say collect every 12 hours or more frequently if you can. Just so you don’t accidentally go over that 24 hour mark.

Now, let’s look at how it works and why it varies from player to player.

Imagine showing boosted E-ther

Firstly only Tier 1 and Tier 2 land can claim the bonus E-ther from the supercharge and much like how Tier 1 land produces more base E-ther than Tier 2 land, this boost too will favour Tier 1 land.
Now with the boosted E-ther only going to Tier 1 and Tier 2 you might think tier 3 land is being neglected, however there are mechanics built into it which do reward tier 3 land holders too.

Essentially the boosted E-ther comes from a pool that varies from country to country depending on the number tiles sold and the land value attached to it. Now whatever is leftover from that pool which players who didn’t collect via the boost is then allocated to tier 3 land or drawn to the “seed” or baby Mentar on that land. Now we have even been told that the seed is so good at attracting neglected E-ther that it has the potential to even outperform the base value of Tier 1 land. But before you go fomo into buying a ton of tier 3 land, I do suspect this might only really be the case in areas where the pools are really large from high tile values and in addition to that where there’s a lot of absent players not collecting those tier 1 and tier 2 boosts. It will also then be divided by the total number of tier 3 tiles too, so the more players buying T3 there the less of the total share for that area you will end up getting.

It should also be noted that Earth 2 does go on to mention:What is Boosted E-ther and How Does It Work?
“For the time being, Players will be able to Boost for the full 30 days and maintain that fully Supercharged Boost. However, in the future there may be limitations on how long the fully Supercharged Boost can be maintained and importantly, there may be ulterior PvP or other game mechanics that could also cause a Player’s Supercharged Boost bar to reset.”

So it looks like we might have it easy for now, the boost might not be as stable or easy to maintain in the future. So lots of things to weigh up and balance there. With all this in mind, the tile price and popularity of a country being a factor and land tiers being a factor, the number of players buying tier 3 land being a factor and players having varying portfolios, it’s probably best not to be comparing ourselves or our bonus amounts to other players. There’s just too many varying factors going on.

But again most importantly don’t forget to collect within the 24 hour period to maintain your boost.

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