How to Sell Holobuildings in Earth 2, Guide, Tutorial.

So the holobuildings market has gone live in Earth 2 and with it we’ve already seen 1000’s of sales go between 100’s of sellers. Here I guide you through the process of listing your holobuilding creations for sale and the options you have. From selecting between a holobuilding and a blueprint to selecting the hashtags, how to price your works and finding your creations within the holoprints section of the Earth 2 market.

So there’s a couple options when it comes to selling holobuildings, you can either sell individual buildings or blueprints. But to get to that point we need to come to the holoblueprints in the Bazaar. You want to come over to the drop down menu, click on resources and then click on holoblueprints. In the top right of here you will see the option to sell and item. Clicking this will take you to the listing page.

If you already have holobuilding blueprints saved they will show here in a list, allowing you to select 1, which enables you to go onto the next steps.

If you don’t have any blueprints saved, I do have a holobuilding editor tutorial that takes you through the steps to creating and saving your first holobuilding and blueprints. I will leave a link in the description below.

Right, but once we do select a holobuilding an image will appear to the right of it, showing which one it is. You can then add some hashtags or create your own, these just make it easier for users to find specific things in the marketplace using the search bar.

Below this we have the licence types.

Selecting holobuilding will give buyers one building per purchase, but they can they can get multiple purchases. They can place this on their properties. They cannot edit or re-sell this building.

Selecting blueprints will allow buyers to edit this blueprint and they will be able to place as many buildings to their properties as they want. They will also get the option to sell the holobuildings on or even the blueprint.

Now to the right of this you can set the price, the minimum price is 1 cent which actually lists it for 2 cents because of the Earth 2 listing cost. As you can see changing your price also changes the listing cost, so play around with those to find a price you think is fair for your work.

Unfortunately there’s no option to change the listing names from this page, if you do want to adjust those, you do need to go into the holobuilding editor and change that there.

Now if you’ve finished with your listing the next step is to click the add listing button, you will then get a “your listing is being prepared” popup, and you will need to wait a little while before you can find your own listings. Unfortunately there’s no portfolio page. The only way to know if they’ve been listed and even to remove the listing is to search for your own work and check them from there.

I hope this has helped and good luck with your sales. 

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