Shoon City – The Peoples Earth 2 Megacity

So what exactly is the idea behind Shoon City? Firstly it’s a community, a group of Earth 2 players banding together in 1 location with the ambition of building something that’s useful for all of us. A place we can be proud of and develop as the Earth 2 platform progresses.

The vision for phase 3 is “The playground of Earth” think sports like mini golf, karting, archery but also live music, carnivals, bars and such too. Now, we’re aware phase 3 is a long way off, so for now we want to work as a community, help each other build and create somewhere that thrives in the ecosim. A place of trade, protection and opportunity for us all.

We’re never going to make it about you needing to jump through hoops to be part of what we’re doing, or you having to earn your rank doing all sorts of stuff outside of E2. Everyone here is equal, be that players with 1 tile or 750, $1 in their wallet or enough to buy twitter, I want that to show as the city progresses and for it to become a place we’re all proud of. A place where we can look back and proudly say “I was part of that”

I want Shoon City to be synonymous with Earth 2, for it to be a go to location within the metaverse, a destination and a brand that we’re all part of. A place with thriving culture, diversity and something we’ve all built together.

Do we want to monetise the city, hell yeah we do. But we want to do that with you, not from you. We see each and every resident as a partner, not a consumer. Those revenues, as long as Earth 2 does well, will come for us in other ways, like ads within the game and later waves of users, users coming to enjoy the experiences we’ve built together within Shoon City.

Now, a little bit about the city. Shoon City was built with intent. Not just the theme, but the location too. We’ve picked a spot that’s affordable, allowing us all to get larger plots. Larger plots which will have more utility going forward.

However, Shoon City isn’t just affordable. It’s also built over the top of Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. Covering areas such as parks, stadiums, malls, arenas and much much more, with 100’s of 1000’s of google reviews, reviews which show us the Earth 1 residents use smartphones, something that will be key when we see geolocational features and augmented reality added to Earth 2.

Now more than that, after expanding by literal Earth 1 miles Shoon City has connected to the organic Minsk city centers tiles. A huge block of tier 1 and tier 2 land densely packed together and as we know from the draft paper, large active areas of adjacent properties will qualify for rewards, rewards that will be shared between all the land holders within that location. Now we’ve even gone on to add roads that surround the entirety of the organic Minsk tiles and that of the planned Shoon City tiles. Creating the largest area of built up land with continuous player made roads within Earth 2.

Do you want to be part of this journey too? Come join us in Shoon City, the people’s Megacity.

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