Country and Mentar Countdowns and more in new Earth 2 Article

So Earth 2 have just published a new article covering 2 new countdowns for Mentars, Country releases and player resource validation. Here Igo through that article.

“Weekly Countdowns Begin This Weekend With Mentar Giveaways And New Country Releases!”

“After recently achieving an incredible milestone of 100 million tiles sold, Earth 2 will trial public countdowns, starting with not one, but two countdowns, every week over the next couple of months.

The first countdown will trigger the opening of a new country, while the second countdown will gift instant Mentars in the relevant country to any Players who have at least started the Mentar’s Quest on their Earth 2 Player account.

Since the Dubai countdown, Earth 2 has randomly released new countries without any public notice and many Players understandably found it difficult to schedule their involvement. Countdowns will remove that level of uncertainty and provide new Players with an opportunity to secure land at the highly desirable entry price of E$0.10.

The countdowns will appear shortly on the Earth 2 landing page. We would also remind Players that a total limit of 750 tiles a day will still apply per Player over the first 48 hours post new country releases.

Weekly Mentar Giveaway

Every week, we will be randomly selecting a special country for the Mentar giveaway. All you have to do is start the Mentar building process on your property in that country before the countdown ends and you will be gifted an instant Mentar for each Mentar-less property you own inside the selected country. Make sure to stay tuned for announcements on our socials to see if your property is in one of the lucky countries of the week!

New Lands, New Opportunities

Countdowns for new country releases will be posted every week until there are no more new countries remaining. Tiles in the new country will be up for grabs starting at E$0.10 per tile.

As a bonus for new Players, any Player who purchases land within the first 6 days of a new country release, and at least starts their Mentar quest, will receive free Mentars daily on those new properties within the relevant country release, up until the 7th day from release.

This means new Players will be able to start claiming E-ther and transforming it to Essence for free, and much faster than usual. Essence will become a key digital utility currency inside of Earth 2 and will be launching as an official utility token on external trading exchanges later this year.

This is a brilliant opportunity for new Players who have been following Earth 2- you don’t have to be a “whale” to get involved when tile prices start at just E$0.10! Keep an eye out for upcoming country release announcements, so you can start detecting E-ther and transform it into Essence before our upcoming official token launch!

Player Resource Validation on the Doorstep

E2PRV (Earth 2 Player Resource Validation) is a system where Players can submit Claims for improved Resource distribution, and back other Claims in the community by staking Essence for a bonus reward when a Claim is validated. Put simply – if your Property should be producing a type or more of a particular Resource, submit a Claim! If you want to help another Player improve Resource distribution on their land, then put down some of your own Essence to improve their chances, and get rewarded for it too! Help your neighbors and they might just help you right back. If you are part of a Megacity, get everyone involved and share in the rewards!”

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