Happy 2nd Birthday Earth 2!

So, I’ve been racking my brain and trying to think of ways to top last year’s birthday video, and then it came to me, you know what, I don’t actually need to, as the message in it is still very much valid. Earth 2 has become much more than just a tech project, game or platform, it’s our community and a safe space for many of us. It’s where we come to unwind, vent, celebrate and build together and we will continue to do so as the platform progresses.

We will welcome new users to our ecosim, we will battle with the gamers in Drone and we will share our life stories, experiences, joy, fears and life achievements with each other in the Social Media app. We will have all these new things and new people to interact with, all enhancing our Earth 2 experience. But I have no doubt many of us will look back to these slower times with fond memories. These times where friendships were forged, communities were built and we all got to be a real part of something new.

And new it certainly still is, happy second Birthday, Earth 2.

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