An Earth 2 Jewel Quest

So we’re getting what Earth 2 have dubbed as an optional campaign for Pre E2V1 Wood, Water and Sand Occurrence Units.

In short you can get backdated wood, water and sand resources on your plots by slotting the Green, Blue and Sandy jewels. However you do also need a holobuilding present on the land to take advantage of this as a holobuilding is where the occurrence units are stored.

There is a set date to complete this quest, it does need to be done by August 16th. Doing so will get you the maximum number of backdated occurrence units with them backdating all the way to 2021 if I remember correctly. However you can still get backdated resources after this date too, but they will only be backdated to the date you slot them.

Now by the sound of it we will be able to do this on any property at all whether you suspect them of having the actual resources there or not and if that plot has no other resources detected you will even get a 50% bonus on the backdated detection rate for that particular property.

I know a lot of us have been using the Green, Blue and Sandy jewels as fillers on our properties anyway. So I assume we will be fine just leaving those and benefit from them already being slotted. However you might want to consider what impact it might have on taking some of the other storage space from other resources. I personally will probably just leave mine. Reslotting isn’t something I enjoy too much.

Now I’m just going to have a quick read through the article for those of you who want more details:

“Wood, Water and Sand are 3 of the original 8 Resources officially announced for the Earth 2 EcoSim. They are crucial EcoSim Resources but unlike the other 5 Resources which have already been released through the E2PRV (Player Resource Validation) system and made available for Players to claim, Wood, Water and Sand will be distributed via E2V1 directly.

Until E2V1 is released, we have designed a special – optional – campaign for those Players participating in the various pre-Resource generation initiatives, to honour our promise of backdated Resource Occurrence Unit (OU) storage in Holobuildings for these 3 Resources . 

Backdated Resources Campaign for Water, Wood & Sand 

There will be a specific campaign dedicated to ensuring Wood, Water and Sand Resources storage will be awarded to all eligible Players who are actively participating in the backdated Resources initiative by slotting relevant Jewels and constructing Holobuildings on their properties. 

As is well known among the community, Players must actively slot a Prime Jewel into their Mentar in order to start gathering backdated Occurrence Units for the Resources released to date which are associated with that Jewel.

Our special backdating campaign for Wood, Water and Sand adapts this pre-existing requirement as slotting the relevant Prime Jewel is something Players would have had to do anyway in order to start gathering OUs for the respective Resource.

This special campaign will run for 6 weeks, until 11:59pm UTC on August 16, 2023, in order to provide Players (especially those with a large portfolio of properties) the time and opportunity to slot their desired Prime Jewels into the relevant properties. 

Please remember, this special campaign is completely OPTIONAL and is a reward tailored towards Players who were already taking advantage of the backdated Resource Occurrence Unit initiative.  Players can choose NOT to participate in this special campaign, and STILL receive Water, Wood and/or Sand on their property if their property is in the appropriate location for those Resources allocated inside E2V1 upon its release. 

To be eligible for the backdated storage of Wood, Water and/or Sand Occurrence Units, the following criteria must be met.

Between now and August 16, 2023, each participating Property:

Must be slotted with a Prime Jewel for Wood, Water and/or Sand (of any Tier or Quality); 

Must have a Holobuilding on the property (more details about the Holobuilding/s below); 

Is eligible to receive up to a collective maximum of 1000m3 of backdated OU from all the Holobuildings constructed on that property combined. E.g. If the combined constructed volume of HBs on a property is 5000m3, up to 1000m3 Resource OU will be backdated; and

That does NOT have any other Resources attributed to it yet will receive an additional 50% increase in backdated OUs applied (as long as all other criteria are also met). 

Players will need to utilise and slot their Prime Jewels on any properties they own which do not yet have any Resources detected to take advantage of this 50% bonus.

Between now and August 16, 2023, each Holobuilding:

Must already be  constructed on a property, or constructed on a property before August 6th, 2023; and

Must be a minimum of 1m3 in constructed volume to receive an equal volume of backdated OUs to HB volume, up to a maximum of 1000m3 backdated OU storage space per property.

If all of the above criteria are met successfully then Occurrence Units for the Resource associated with the slotted Prime Jewel will be fully backdated once the Earth 2 Resource Generation system is fully released via the distribution of Occurrence Units.  Therefore, in the future, when OUs are distributed, the system will detect and compute backdated OUs in the available storage for all qualifying properties.  

This opportunity will still work for Players after August 16, 2023, however, properties slotted and built on after this date will not receive the full historic backdate to 2021 but rather initiate their backdated date from the day they slotted and built the HB.

So be sure to leave your Prime Jewel slotted and any Holobuildings constructed until such time OUs are distributed. If any or both are removed, the backdating period is wiped and restarts from when all the above criteria are once again met.


Technically, under the above special guidelines, a Green Prime Jewel can be placed on a property that is located in the middle of the ocean with a Holobuilding built on it and be successfully backdated with Occurrence Units storage for Wood.

However, once E2V1 is live it is highly unlikely that such a property in the middle of the ocean will still qualify for detecting Wood OUs as a valid Resource given its location in the middle of the ocean where there are no trees. Under such circumstances, the Player would need to replace the slotted Green Jewel with a Blue Jewel, to collect Water Occurrence Units moving forward as that property will no longer be able to generate Wood Occurrence Units once E2V1 is released.

We highly suggest Players consider which Resource has the highest probability of being present on their property inside E2V1 when deciding which one of either the Green, Blue or Sandy Prime Jewel to slot on their property. This will minimise  the possibility of needing to slot the “correct” Jewel for Water, Wood or Sand inside E2V1 at a later date. 

Players will be able to collect a maximum of 1,000m3 backdated OUs per property using their HB storage space.  So if a Player has a constructed HB that is 5,000m3 in volume / storage space, only 1,000m3 of that space will be awarded backdated Resource OU. The remaining 4,000m3 will become usable  once resource generation is officially released and Players can actively collect Resource OUs.

Backdated Resource OUs will cover multiple Resource types if the correct Jewels are slotted with the corresponding Resource attributed to that property. Under such scenarios, the backdated Resource OUs will be evenly distributed depending on Jewel slotting date and HB creation date.

So if you have Gold, Water and Limestone or a property and have all the correct prime Jewels slotted, the backdated Resource OUs will be evenly split between Gold, Water and Limestone, but a warning, the split percentage will also be dependent on the resource frequency for each resource on that property.

Go to Resources > Storage > Slotting to access the new resource filter option in order to filter properties you own based on the resource they have detected. You can also filter properties with “No Resources” to take advantage of the backdated 50% boost on OUs.

Side Notes

We are not guaranteeing that trees located in E1 will be in the exact same place inside E2V1, especially if they are isolated trees. However, as E2V1 is a pristine version of Earth there will also be trees in areas you might not expect especially urban areas that have been developed by man, inside E2V1. So there will not be a lack of trees, in fact from what we have experienced there may even be more tree-spread than on E1.

With regards to water, we have invested a considerable amount of time ensuring that water locations are accurate inside E2V1 so that the vast majority of the world’s water source locations are accurately reflected. That being the case, please remember that Earth is incredibly large so there may be some noticeable absences, especially concerning smaller and/or newer bodies of water.”


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