Cydroid Jewel Slotting

So, cydroid jewel slotting has gone live. I’m going to give you guys a quick tutorial on how we go about slotting cydroids. The benefits of doing so and my personal plan. First of all to get to cydroid slotting you want to come into raid management from the main dropdown menu. At the top of here you want to click cydroids and you will see a large list. Personally I would work from the properties tab within here. It’s just a little easier to find the cydroids you’re looking for.

Now I will say, if Earth 2 can give us the option to open just the cydroids for the specific property from the raid menu in the same way we can open civilians for a specific property that would be much appreciated. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge guys.

Right now back to the properties tab. If you know which property has the cydroids you want to slot you can simply search within here. If not you might want to find it in the raid menu and copy and paste the name here so you get the exact one you’re looking for. If like me you have a lot of properties with pretty much the same names, unfortunately you might have to rename them or stick some random letters on there so you know which one you’re working with.

Now once you’ve found the property you’re looking for. Give it a click and the cydroids tethered to it will show. Now you can click a cydroids to open the details for that particular one. Down at the bottom you will also find the “jewel slotting” button. Clicking this opens a new screen where you can see your jewels and specifics about this cydroid. Now I will note you will only see jewels which are compatible with cydroid slotting. So if nothing is showing here it just means you don’t have any compatible jewels and you have some crafting to do.

There’s currently 7 jewels which boost our cydroids. Here’s a chart showing what each one does. Although ignore the orange jewels at the bottom. Those effects are when orange jewels are slotted on a property rather than cydroids. The specific boost amounts shown here have also changed a bit since this was created. However Dairk has been kind enough to provide an updated list that you can see here. I will also add the details to the video description.

So we have:

“Catseye – which boost Speed (150% – 630%)

Chrysocolla – increases dispensing rate (2% – 25.2 %)

Peridot – Ups your relocation distance (133.3% – 604.7%)

Prehnite – improves your energy concentration (2% – 10.1%)

Serpentine – Increases your E-ther storage (66.7% – 303.3%)

Slate – my personal favourite increases your raid range (500% – 5200%)

Sunstone – ups your Power efficiency (3% – 8.6%)”

If you need some help with crafting any of those jewels I do already have videos covering every jewel within E2, including these 7 which boost our cydroids. I will leave the link down below.

It should also be noted that for now all cydroids regardless of rarity only have 3 jewel slots. So we’re really going to have to think about what you want to do and the best combinations for your situation. But at the same time remember you also don’t even need to use all 3 slots. Many of us have lots of cydroids working perfectly fine right as they are.

Now you do need your cydroid home before some of these jewels will take effect and for some like Sunstone and Prehnite you even need to depower and repower the cydroid before the boost will come into effect. But on slotting it does give you a message letting you know if you mouse over them.

Another big factor is jewel quality. These jewels here are all cracked, basically the base quality for tier 3 jewels. You can improve the quality of them using shards and Essence and doing so will improve the jewels impact on your cydroid. However bare in mind we still don’t have a value for Essence so just remember this if you do decide to start upgrading.

Now how I’m personally going to play this is initially concentrating on my cydroids who are too far away from good targets to be doing anything right now. Those which aren’t currently auto raiding.
I’m going to go through them and slot as many as I can with Slate jewels to increase their raid range and see if any good targets appear. If they do, they can keep the jewel, I will then manually raid a few targets and set those guys away auto raiding. Adding to my daily Red Energy and E-ther takings. After this I will then likely add to their storage and possibly speed or battery efficiency. Especially for those going on longer journeys.

Now to fully slot just 1 cydroid you would need 54 tier 1 jewels, to craft all the way up to the 3 T3 mixed jewels. So for the vast majority of us this will take a long time to get anywhere near fully slotted. Don’t panic if you don’t have enough jewels, there’s no rush. It’s something I will likely work on maybe 1 evening a week with the jewels which have spawned for me that week..

But that’s enough about my tactics. What are you guys thinking? Do you have any plans in place yet?

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