Civilians in Earth 2 Explained – Simplified

So again like I did with the raiding video I’m going to give a very much simplified version of what civilians are and do.

In essence civilians are used to automate tasks and gather data, they take away tons of the repetitive work. potentially making life easier for us landowners or pioneers.

If you’ve played strategy games in the past, you can think of these as your workers or maybe your generals who come with perks and abilities.

Civilians will work on a per property basis with us initially being allowed a maximum of 5 civilians per property for properties of 4 tiles or more.

There will be 5 civilian types or classes to begin with:

The Data Analyst:

Which analyzes your property and droid data to give you useful insights.

The Droid Technician:

Which will automatically charge your droids for you when idle. 

The Ether Dispenser: 

Which will automatically dispense or give the E-ther collected by your droids.

The Raid Commander:

Which will allow you to assign your droids to auto raid, although this will only be repeatedly going to the same property over and over. They won’t be exploring or finding new property for you.

Some people do also seem to think the Raid Commander can only do this with one droid at a time, however I do tend to disagree here. Especially if we can only have one of each civilian type per property, as we are shown auto raiding turned on for multiple droids on the same property. So I think it’s likely 1 raid commander will be enough to auto raid with all droids from the same property.

Lastly we have the Droid Pilot 

But little is known about these guys other than they can use a flight sim within the Mentar to do specific missions using a droid. 

2 future civilian types were also mentioned, those being the Jewel specialist which has special abilities and knowledge for crafting jewels in more effective ways and the Ranger which will automatically collect loot spawns for you which appear on nearby land.

It does seem we will get one of each civilian type per property too rather than being able to select multiple of one type, with Shane stating “occupations will be assigned to a civilian based on the order in which they are synthesized” which I interpret as we will be allowed one of each civilian type which will be created in a set order.

Right, so how do we get civilians?

Civilians will be created by the Mentar using E-ther. With the cost said to be around 20 E-ther per civilian, although this could easily change before launch. But that would be around 100 E-ther per property for a full set or roughly 6 Essence based on current conversion rates. 

Now civilians can only be produced one at a time per property, you can’t just batch cook all 5. Although it does appear they will let us que them, meaning we won’t need to keep going back to start the next one if you do want to produce more than one.

Now it does look like it will potentially take 24 hours to produce 1 civilian per property, although the wording isn’t 100% clear on that so don’t hold me to it. 

Now there will also be 3 factions to begin, the Space Force Faction, the Rebel Force Faction

and the Faction of the Ancient Egyptian Gods, we will also see more faction in the future. I suspect each of these will have their own additional benefits/perks. But we don’t have a lot of information in regards to factions just yet.

Now just as a roundup, civilians are there to make your life easier, automate tasks and gather data, you don’t need to get caught up in all the lore that’s not of interest to you. You will be able to play without remembering all of that. It’s simply there for those of us who do enjoy the storytelling to develop deeper emotional connections with what’s going on.

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