Shoonfest is an annual event hosted within Shoon City on February 8th, marking the first ever use of the word Shoon. The playful combination of Shane and soon.

The festival is a celebration of the Earth 2 community and all the talents within it. As soon as we can host it within Earth 2, we will do.

We’re starting with a simple talent show. But the aim is to grow this into an annual event hosted within Shoon City, not only a talent show but a full on festival with live music, games and even a carnival style parade where community projects showcase their talents with a float or display.

Time until Shoonfest 2025

Shoonfest 2024 Details:

Here’s some highlights from previous Shoonfests

Shoonfest 2024       

Shoonfest 2023

Shoonfest 2022

We also have a unique FREE T-Shirt NFT each year which is awarded to people for participating, be that as contestants or by voting. 
For now these are static keepsakes, which will hopefully one day be able to be displayed inside of Earth 2. However, we do hope to get to the point of launch real in game wearable T-Shirts with each event too.