Earth 2 Mentars Explained

So, first of all Mentars are the first Ecosim building. They detect E-ther that evaporates from the land and convert it into Essence. Essence being the crypto currency of Earth 2.

In the future mentars will also be responsible for detecting and processing resources on your land too. Without these the only thing your land would produce would be jewels, so they’re certainly a vital part of the Earth 2 Ecosim that you don’t want to miss.

You have 2 options when it comes to getting mentars, the first being individually buying them at $5 per property. Which I really don’t recommend. My preferred method is starting the Mentars quest from your profile page which will give you free Mentars on every property you own, after logging in for 7 days over a 14 day period.

I have a separate video guide which takes you through the process of claiming your mentars and starting to collect essence, which I will leave a link to in the description below for those of you interested. Once you’re mentars are built you get to keep them forever and as long as you got them via the quest all future properties bought will come with a mentar attached too.

Along with giving you the ability to detect E-ther and convert to essence, mentars also allow the slotting of jewels on properties. With the number of slots being determined by plot size and land class. Tier 2 lands all have 3 slots regardless of size, whereas Tier 1 land currently has anywhere between 5 and 12 slots, again depending on the plot size.

Slotting Jewels on your property improves its functionality through the Jewels’ modifier effects. Which in turn increases your E-ther detection rate which can be seen in the top right of the property on the slotting screen, you will notice the percentage changes as you slot or remove jewels. Slotted jewels also have additional benefits such as resource production boosts, research time reduction and so on.

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