BritishGuy, The Man Behind the Mask. An Interview with The Dorkslayer founder an Earth 2 Guild

The lovely guest for this episode is BritishGuy, or more so the guy behind the mask of the well known character. Here we discuss everything Earth 2, web3 and Metaverse from goals and aspirations going forward, how he discovered Earth 2, what’s in his portfolio and some tough community questions.

Questions asked:

1: So first of all who is BritishGuy? Can you tell us a little about the person behind the character and where the inspiration came from?

2: Now onto what exactly is the Dorkslayer guild and your aims and goals with it?

3: How did you first discover Earth 2?

4: Do you want to walk us through your portfolio? How many tiles do you have, how much essence are you sitting on and so on?

6: If you could give just one bit of advice to new players just starting in Earth 2, what would it be?

7: Are you involved in any other Web3 projects and if so, what are they?

8: In your opinion, what’s the most undervalued or overlooked thing within Earth 2?

9: What’s your end goal or your overall aim with your Earth 2 portfolio?

Community Questions:

Viking asked:
How many Dork’s are you planning to slay in the metaverse?

When you first heard about Earth2 and looked into it, what was your initial vision/hope for the platform?

So we have a few from E2Islands. I’m guessing he’s not your biggest fan:
How much have you made selling copyright infringing merch?

How much did you make selling screen shots of tile art as NFTs?

Besides E2Kraken, which other guilds does DS have beef with?

When will you make more cringe videos that scare children?

Is DS really a DAO?

Have you ever been to the real Gibraltar?

What do you think about the staff of Dorkslayer? Are they handeling everything like you want ?

In a metaverse 1 on 1 fight to death, what is your weapon of choice?

Any tips how to cure hangover?

Dr. Vince Dime:
You’re working in web3 space with TechCircus and others, how you see DS placed in that world, and E2?

Being the founder of the first guild on E2, what a “guild” means to you? Where you see the true strength of such groups?

Crypto Meditations:
Ask him about the selling of nfts scandal and if he still belives E2 needs a villian

I want to know what’s next for the DAO and the NFT connected to it.

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