An Earth 2 Player Interview with Hinksy

This week we interview Hinksy, a well known Earth 2 player, a prominent Lone Wolves member and a Megacity founder and collaborator. Hinksy founded Hinksy Island and is a core team member to the Crypto Coast.
In this interview we cover everything from his Earth 2 portfolio to his tactics goings forward, features he expects to see implemented, what appealed to him about Earth 2 and much much more.

Questions asked:

1: Can you walk us through your portfolio? How many tiles do you have, how much essence are you sitting on and so on?

2: So Hinksy, what’s your Earth 2 strategy right now and going forward?

3: What was it about Earth 2 that appealed to you? Why are you here?

4: I know you’re involved in a few megacity projects like crypto coast and hinksy island. Do you want to give us an overview of those?

5: If you could add 1 element or feature to Earth 2, what would that be? 

6: What do you think will be the biggest hurdle Earth 2 will face going forward?

7: What’s your biggest Earth 2 regret to date?

8: If you could give just one bit of advice to new players just starting in Earth 2, what would it be?

9: Do you see yourself still being an Earth 2 player in the future? What’s your long term goals for E2?

Community Questions:


What’s the most insane game/gameplay idea you have for E2


When you visit the BaconLand theme park in E2 what ride would you want to conquer first?


Can you elaborate on the Hinksy Games? What are the plans?


Q1. What do you think will be E2’s 2nd anniversary gift? 

Q2. What do you imagine happening in the pvp game?


How’d you get your username?


What are your three favourite megacities & why?


What would you like to see from Earth2 by the end of the year?  What do you think will actually happen by the end of the year?


What would be the first spot you would visit in VR and why?

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