Interviews with Earth 2 players, staff and people from industries that can add insight to the Earth 2 journey.

An Earth 2 Player Interview with Hinksy

This week we interview Hinksy, a well known Earth 2 player, a prominent Lone Wolves member and a Megacity founder and collaborator. Hinksy founded Hinksy Island and is a core team member to the Crypto Coast.In this interview we cover everything from his Earth 2 portfolio to his tactics goings …

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An Interview with Holo Builder Jun, Earth 2

We celebrate the opening of the holo building and holo blueprint market on Earth 2 with a special guest, Jun. Probably one of the best known E2 holobuilders, with work featured in many E2 related holobuilding new articles, images and videos.In this interview with cover Jun’s thoughts on the launch …

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An Interview with Arya Realty, Earth 2 Whale

Here we get we meet the Earth 2 whale Arya Reality, we go over how he first discord earth 2. His back story before YouTube and E2, where he sees Essence and E2 heading along with answering a variety of community questions. Arya owns around a million dollars worth of …

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An Earth 2 Player Interview with Resin

So the first for the channel an interview style video, where we interview Resin, a well know Earth 2 player and megacity founder. Here we ask him a multitude of questions from myself and the community. Q1: Resin if you would like to introduce yourself, tell us a little bit …

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