Earth 2 Roundup from the last few days.

Well, what a few days it’s been eh. Let’s take a look at all the new stuff we’ve seen, what’s been mentioned and clues we’ve picked up.

Now this will look across several sources from the challenge response video to Shanes candid video, discord and even youtube live chat on the video premiere.

So a big point for me was resources soon. Not the actual gathering but they’re going to show us which resources will be available on our lands. It’s certainly going to add to the appeal of some areas and help some of us with our game plans. Shane did mention the resources will only show for player owned land, not unsold land. However we will be able use this to speculate what will be in certain areas by checking neighboring player owned land.

Fingers crossed for something big or useful in Shoon City. It’s also a chance for us to prepare for the upcoming resource validation, if we find something is missing from where we think it should be.

Essence, we can expect more changes to the essence algorithm. Shane is aware of the community talking about fluctuations and stated they’re working to bring distribution in line with the tokenomics design planned for essence as a token. We will also start seeing fractions of essence showing, particularly useful for smaller players who repeatedly get 0.

Shane then goes on to explain something we’ve heard of before, essence amounts being influenced by your gameplay in the economic sim. He gives us a little bit of clarification on what gameplay is, mentioning slotting jewels and “many other variables”

Shane says the last year and a half they have been playing catch up and responding to the hyper growth from going viral as well as putting steps into place that will allow them to give us gameplay this year with 2022 being a big year for Earth 2 and even the first version of the 3D world dropping.

Next up Shane mentions custodial wallets vs none custodial wallets, saying it’s still a debate they’re having within the team and asking us for our opinions. Now, I must admit I’m still not the most knowledgeable on crypto and only know a little about the wallet types based on what others have posted in discord or on twitter. However If you guys would like a stand alone video on the difference between the two, I could do some more research. So let me know in the comments below or maybe it’s even something meta or one of the others more clued up in the community could go over.

Now, I’m not sure how many of you were paying attention to the monitor in the background of the two most recent video from Shane. But we’ve had a few glimpses into E2, mainly vehicles, or drones/droid.

First up we have this fighter jet or plane looking type of vehicle, then some sort of fancy truck or car with an essence logo on the side. Could it be for transportation of essence?

Next up we have a really interesting scene. It seems to be showing a humanoid, I’m guessing a player avatar then in front of that a little droid which looks to be scanning or searching, further ahead we can see what could potentially be resources, maybe some sort of fresh water spring and if you look even further past that towards the sky, are those some sort of aircraft, droids or drones?

In live chat on the premiere video there was also a few little bits of information dropped from Shane scheduling more interviews soon. wink, wink, nudge, nudge Shane, I would love to to have you here. He also stated they’re trying to expand the game development team, have employed a team to make a social media playbook and the search for a new community manager continues. He also briefly mentioned the video coming on sunday, stating he had tears watching it. So expect something big from that. Now there’s tons more, far too much to cover so I will add those to the Shoon City website on an article with this video. Huge thanks a lot to Dairk for capturing them all.

During the response to Callums challenge video we also got some great shots of the 3D world so far, including a  google map vs Earth 2 world comparison of area detail, obviously google maps using satellite images and Earth 2 their terrain system created using real world data. We then go onto see a closer to earth fly through British Columbia of a “work in progress and proof of concept”. Really giving us a glimpse of what we can expect from the pristine world when phase 3 eventually launches.

Shane does go on to mention, over the next few months we will have:

The Whitepaper.

Essence launching as a token.

Resource validation.

And resources going live although I think this might be the showing of what’s where rather than the collecting of them.

Now I’m aware the last few days, weeks and months have been testing for a lot of us, I’ve even seen some player selling up and leaving due to this. But for the majority of us, I’ve seen bonding and community spirit, people getting passionate about the project we love. There’s nothing like difficult times to push a community together, so let’s use the time to bond, let go of the hate and look to welcome new players to our community whilst maintaining the amazing circles we already have. Peace out!

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