Resource Validation Explained

So resource validation has gone live on stage 2, please bare in mind that stage 2 is the test site where some features go before being pushed live to test and get user feedback, so this could still change prior to launch. However I’m going to take you through the process and explain the steps along the way.

First up, you want to come to your profile and click the menu in the top right. Here you will see a option for ‘claims’

Clicking that bring you to a screen where we can see all claims and your claims. All claims being those from all of the earth 2 community and yours obviously being your own.

Now to create a new claim we want to come over to your claims, give that a click. In here you will see a button for “create a claim”. Clicking that will load in all of your properties. I would recommend giving the property you want to validate a unique name as the only sort of filtering we have is the alphabetical option at the bottom.

Once you’ve found the property you want to validate you select it by clicking the little circle icon.
Firstly you make to make sure you have which resource you’re wanting to validate for selected at the top. It is an odd placement. It kind of seems like a filter rather than a selection for validation. But you do need this selected as the resource you want to validate on the property.
Then come down to the bottom and you will see options to add files, hyper links and a claim summary. Make sure all your information is valid, in place and attached and click submit claim.

Here you will get another screen explaining the process:

“A submitted claim cannot be changed and if it’s under investigation neither be deleted.

Submitting a Claim will cost you a protective fee of 10 E$ and will only be refunded when the claim was approved by us.

Please make sure that everything about this claim is correct!

There is no guarantee that this Claim might be approved!

Anonymity settings have no effect on your claims.”

So if you’re happy with all of that you want to click claim, it will then appear on your claims page.

Next up we have essence staking to validate others claims.

To validate someone elses claim you simply come to all claims, there’s a few filters including players names to make it easier for us to find the ones we want to validate.

Once you have found the one you want to validate, you can click into it and you will see the validation information to the bottom and a validate button to the right. Clicking this brings up another screen with states “You can validate a Claim by spending Essence and increase its visibility for the Earth2 Team. When this Claim was approved by us, we will refund you the Essence and give you a reward. Fully validated Claims cannot be further validated.”

It also allows you to set the Essence amount you want to validate the claim with with toggle buttons to add or remove essence or you can just type into the box how much you want to use. Please remember though, this will tie your essence up so make sure you’re not validating with essence that you have plans for in the near future. But if you’re happy to go ahead, click that stake essence button. Now nothing really happens after that and there’s no dedicated area to check which properties you’ve validated. Hopefully they will add that in soon. But you can see that you have successfully validated a claim from the notifications bar.

So yeah, that’s pretty much everything there is to it. I hope that’s helped. There’s also no mention that I can find of what the validation reward are other than a bonus. So all that information is still to come too.

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