A First Look at Raiding on the Earth 2 Test Site

So here’s a first look at raiding on the Earth 2 test site.
Please remember this is just a test site so things could potentially change before being pushed to live.

But to start with you have a little raid button at the top. Clicking that takes you to a list of all your properties, where you can begin building cydroids. It does say they take 24 hours to build but they actually only take 2, this is likely just for test purposes.

Now once your cydroids are built they just appear on the property. I personally really hope we get a production finished screen or notification before it hits the live site, something giving us a breakdown on which droids we got and maybe adding the little previews and showing their rarity. Anyway, after they’re built you want to come to charging, you can then select all or individuals to power. Doing this will then unlock the ability to raid. Again, charging doesn’t take long at all. I’m not sure if this is just sped up for testing or not though.

But once your cydroids are charged you can go raiding. On this tab you again can select all droids or individuals and you have a list of properties available in the area to raid and there’s also a search bar if you have a certain property in mind. Clicking the raid button at the bottom sends them off on their way to raid the property you’ve selected and you will be shown 3 bars. The first is how traveling to the property, the middle is raiding and the third is travelling back home. When the raid is complete again a report would be brilliant and I’m guessing that will be coming. But for now it seems the only way you can see if your droids scored any E-ther is by going back to that properties raid screen and seeing if you have any E-ther to dispense.

At the moment the dispense option doesn’t seem to work. But as I said earlier this is the test site so I’m guessing we will see raiding progress in terms of features and bugs being added and fixed over the next few days or weeks.

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