An Interview with Arya Realty, Earth 2 Whale

Here we get we meet the Earth 2 whale Arya Reality, we go over how he first discord earth 2. His back story before YouTube and E2, where he sees Essence and E2 heading along with answering a variety of community questions.

Arya owns around a million dollars worth of digital real estate and here we find out why he’s soon keen on Earth 2, what other projects he’s in and the rollercoaster that has been the last 1.5 years of his metaverse journey.

Questions asked:

Hey guys today we have Are ya (arya), a prominent face within the Earth 2 community and a fellow content creator.

Would you like to introduce yourself and give a little bit of your Earth 2 backstory?

1: So, I’m curious about the man behind Are-ya Realty. Can you tell us a bit about yourself outside of E2? What’s your background and where are you from?

2: So I noticed you’ve not been putting a lot of content out yourself lately. Have you lost motivation or have you just been busy?

3: Has your opinion of Earth 2 changed at all from when you first discovered it to now?

4: What would you say the biggest challenge Earth 2 is facing now or will face in the future?

5: How did you first discover Earth 2?

6: Are you involved in any other Web3 projects and if so, what are they?

7: If you could give just one bit of advice to new players just starting in Earth 2, what would it be?

8: Do you want to walk us through your portfolio? How many tiles do you have, how much essence are you sitting on and so on?

9: What do you see as your future role in Earth 2, do you plan on getting involved with the ecosim or are you looking to make this completely passive or something else?

Community Questions:

What made you invest in e2?

What do you think will be the value of essence when it’s released?

Foodies City:
Tesla or Lambo?

Wen Miami Beach party?

Also, do you plan on selling essence when it goes live or do you plan on stake or holding it for a few more years?

Kissy wanted to know:
Are you fine?

Trav is asking:
Bacon or steak?

Q1.What do you think of Pacey as an Earth 2 YouTuber?

Q2.What part of Earth 2 did you find attractive?

What do you envisage Earth 2 looks like in 10 to 15 years time, and will you still be invested in it?

Are you jealous Randy is making new friends to party with?

Earth 2 Explorer:
How has creating Earth2 content changed from the early days with so many doubters and haters compared to today where most haters have been silenced by E2’s progress?

What areas of Earth2 will be your channel focus on once things really get rolling?

You threw a lot of money into E2 at the VERY beginning. What made you take the plunge so hard into it?

If you could add one new thing for E2 to focus development on, what would it be?

What aspect of how E2 operates has the most room for improvement and how would you change it?

If you could ask Shane one question directly (that you think he can answer currently) what would it be?

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