An Interview with hippo48 an Earth 2 Whale, Megacity Owner and Quiz Master

We welcome Hippo48 to the interview seat, an Earth 2 whale, double megacity founder (Hippoland and Alpine City) and quiz master. In this interview we cover his Earth 2 backstory, what he does for work in E1, his future plans for Earth 2, advice for new players and much much more.

Questions asked:

1: So one of the things I know you best for are your quiz questions you often drop in discord to give away land. Where did you love for quizzing come from?

2: I think you’re probably best known for your Hippoland project, do you want to tell us about how that started and your goals for it?

3: What was it about Earth 2 that appealed to you? Why are you here?

4: So I think it’s clear you have deep pockets. What is it you do outside of E2 to allow that?

5: Do you want to walk us through your portfolio? How many tiles do you have, how much essence are you sitting on and so on?

6: What do you think will be the biggest hurdle Earth 2 will face going forward?

7: If you could add 1 element or feature to Earth 2, what would that be?

8: If you could give just one bit of advice to new players just starting in Earth 2, what would it be?

9: Do you see yourself still being an Earth 2 player in the future? What’s your long term goals for E2?

Community Questions:

Resin and Yehna:

What games do you plan on making in your Earth 2 projects?


How big is hippo land?

Zackery Fox:

What is your most cherished property you have on Earth 2?

Builder Jun:

What’s the theme and long term goal of Hippoland?

Jun and Viking:

Why Hippoland? Seems kind of random. Why not giraffe or kangarooland?  Is there a special meaning?

Ship/Jolly Roger:

Where did the name come from?

Why Hippo48? What’s up with 48? Is 48 for hippos like 69 for humans?

Earth 2 Greece:

Hippo has a Cyprus flaq. Is he from there ? What is his opinion on earth2 as far as Cyprus or Greek users joining the platform ?


Have you thought about your next E2 project?

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