Bidding Hub – New Earth 2 Feature

So today we’ve seen a long awaited and much anticipated update, although it hasn’t come without issues. Reading from the Earth 2 website:

“Bidding Hub has been added as a new feature.

The Bidding Hub is accessible through the profile navigation dropdown menu and allows you to 

manage your bids.

Features for own bids:

Update an existing bid.

Cancel an existing bid.

Cancel Multiple Bids.

Place a new bid for a bid that has been declined.

Features for received bids:

Accept a bid.

Place a counter-offer for a bid.

Decline a bid.

General feature:

The Bidding Hub can be sorted by different filters including:

Property Size

Market Value

Bid Value

Offer Value





Bidding History: details an extensive bidding history for a property

Failed withdrawal message has been updated.”

I think the main thing for now is go check your bids. Personally I’ve only recovered 1 lost bid of 1 cent. However I have seen discord users saying they’ve recovered 100’s of dollars by finding missing bids with the new feature.

However since the update was pushed live there’s been many users reporting errors on the site, from “something went wrong” errors when trying to view property information to being unable to buy tiles. Have you spotted any other issues? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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