Earth 2: High Traffic Areas on a Budget!

High Traffic locations on a budget.

A lot of us are probably thinking about high traffic areas after TheRealJoker started throwing large sums of money at some of the world’s best known landmarks, like Stonehenge, the Sydney opera house and the leaning tower of pizza. Earth 2 meta did a  great video on that if you still haven’t seen it.

If like me those are completely out of your budget. Then here’s how to find some alternative locations with real world high traffic.

Where’s a busy place you go? Malls, bus and train stations, airports. Try to think of places where people will be on mass but will also stop, sit and wait or eat whilst having a play of their . These are for when we get augmented reality features, people checking to see what’s in Earth 1 locations in Earth 2.

We can start by going onto earth 2 stats and finding some countries you like the look and price of. Be sure to check either the landmass or population. I prefer landmass as there’s more than likely going to be more areas people will want to buy and therefore push tile prices up. 
Then look for the most populated areas and find yourself some plots in those. If you have the city open on google maps you can simply look at places near by and refine this to malls, stations or anything you like. I tend to select by looking which have the most google reviews. This gives a good idea of how popular a place is. Don’t forget there’s more places than the capital city of each country too. Sure a busy spot in the capital city surrounded by other players is great but they’re also the first to go, so don’t be afraid to check other large cities.

I will put links to all of these locations down in the description along with my referral code. That will get you 5% bonus credit on each purchase and help support the channel.

Also don’t forget to checkout the marketplace there’s still bargains to be found. I grabbed a partially ruined pyramid 2 days ago off the marketplace for a few cents above new tile prices. A popular park in Tokyo at around 60% off new tile price, even a busy train station in new deli for 30% off new tile price.

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