The 8 most wanted Earth 2 improvements to make Earth 2 Players lives Easier

So first of all I’m going to go with the one that I would personally love the most. A for sale heatmap. Similar to how we have a resource or holobuilding heatmap, something we toggle on and it shows all properties for sale in that area, ideally showing prices and tiers too. This would make life a lot easier for players looking for plots in Megacities, resource locations and other built up areas.

Next up we have sorting of properties with resources. If you’ve tried looking for oil, gold, iron or coal within your properties, you know what a tedious task it is. Especially for those of us holding 100’s or 1000’s of properties. Having the ability to filter by those with and without a specific resource would make life a lot easier. Not just on the profile page but on the jewel slotting page too.

Now number 3 is just generally more filters or sorting options, being able to sort by those with holobuildings, those which are or aren’t slotted with jewels on the slotting page, those with EPL’s, those with EDC remaining and so on.

Next up is the ability to message each other. Hopefully if we don’t get this built into the platform then fingers crossed we’re at least able to identify property owners in the upcoming Earth 2 social media app. Having this ability will make trades, cooperation and just general day to day Earth 2 life so much easier.

Now EPL sales and transfers. Now a lot of us bought EPL’s on properties we had no intention of keeping them on, kind of like holding properties and there’s plenty others who’ve since decided they would like there EPL elsewhere. Having the ability to transfer EPL’s from one property to another would be great. Also having the option to list EPL’s for sale, separate to the property it’s on would also be a huge advantage.
We also have tile merging coming up so we need to know what’s going to happen to merged properties with multiple EPL’s, will they be able to hold more than 1, will we need to move them first, will it stop us being able to merge and so on.

Next up we have direct from the property card. Having the option to build holobuildings and slot jewels directly from property cards would make life so much easier.

Now onto Multi property sales in 1 transaction. So being able to list a group of properties for sale would help with those looking to cash out their entire portfolio in 1 lump, those looking to move megacities, tile art or even just a select few to make the deal worth it to both parties. I’m not much of a seller myself but there’s a lot of demand for these features.

Lastly we have a complete marketplace overhaul. We still have tons of properties which are not for sale showing, which is just crazy confusing unless you already know about the issue. We also need a way to filter newly listed properties, even things like sorting by lowest EDC cost and such would be great too and being able to set minimum and maximum prices for your search would save many of us scrolling through pages and pages of properties just to find one within our current budget.

So that’s it, the 8 most wanted features to make players lives easier. Do you guys have any suggestions that I’ve not covered? Let me know in the comments below.

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