Shoon City

Everything Shoon City, the Earth 2 Megacity from promotional video to our plan, partnerships and more.

Shoonfest 2023

Welcome to the second annual Shoonfest! A celebration of the amazing talent within the Earth 2 community and marking the first ever use of the word Shoon. We’re starting with a simple talent show with the aim of growing this into an annual event inside of Earth 2 and hosted …

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Shoon City – The Peoples Earth 2 Megacity

So what exactly is the idea behind Shoon City? Firstly it’s a community, a group of Earth 2 players banding together in 1 location with the ambition of building something that’s useful for all of us. A place we can be proud of and develop as the Earth 2 platform …

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Gamble Centre district in Shoon City

We would like to introduce the Gamble Centre district in Shoon City. The district founder, Hootscoot said:“The GambleCenter district within Shoon City is made up of 2500 tiles with the goal of bringing low and high stakes essence/resource gambling to anyone who wishes to partake! There will be games of …

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Reflection Laser Alley District in Shoon City

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Reflections Megacity to Shoon City, with their own district. Reflections – Laser Alley. A district focused on laser tag. A multi-story arena with different themes ranging from Space to Haunted Mansion and even Cartoon. There will also be bowling and arcade games to …

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EPL Traffic to Shoon City – Let’s Grow Together

Shoon City. Not only are we the host of the first ever E2 festival, Shoonfest but there’s also a ton of potentially high traffic EPL’s which lead directly to the city. From Zombies, to Karting, Escape rooms, floor is lava, tower defense, mini golf, backgammon, tic, tac, toe, library and …

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Shoon City – Earth 2 Megacity

An overview and introduction to Shoon City – The Playground of Earth 2. When you think of Earth 2. What comes to mind? Other than VR and tiles. For me it’s shoon. The playful combination of Shane and Soon. Shoon City takes that playfulness and molds it into city form. …

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