Earth 2 Draft Paper: Part 10 Roadmap

Now this is part 10 of the Earth 2 draft paper, roadmap. Part 1 covered the introduction and stats, part 2 covered the Earth 2 player, part 3 covered economics, part 4 the economic components, part 5, The Ecosim, Part 6 Player Technology and parts 7, 8 and 9, Tokenomics, DAO and the team.

In this episode we cover all aspects of the Earth 2 roadmap and their vision going forward

Draft paper Part 1:

Earth 2 Draft Paper Part 2:

Draft Paper Part 3:

Draft Paper Part 4:
Draft Paper Part 5:

Draft Paper Part 6:
Draft Paper Parts 7,8,9:

Right, just in case you haven’t watched any of the other parts I’m going to add in the Earth 2 disclaimer before we move onto the content. 



This Roadmap provides an indication on when Earth 2 expects to deliver various features and technology developments into Earth 2. As it is presented with previous updates deployments, we expect future predicted deployments to include more than what is listed in this document. Some features have intentionally not been listed. Some features listed in the “Coming” section may be scheduled for earlier delivery but we have chosen not to display when that delivery is to be expected.

Some descriptions inside the Roadmap are intentionally vague due to confidentiality reasons.”

Right, now I’m not going to go through all the stuff that’s already launched but I will leave it on the screen for a few seconds and leave a link to the full PDF in the description below.

So going from where we’re at now in Q2 of 2022

Resource release part 1 of 2. This will likely be just showing us what resources will be on each property.

Player to player holobuilding trade, well overdue. I’m sure the creators are looking forward to that one.

A community gallery page displaying all types of player creations from Earth 2. I’m not exactly sure what this will be if I’m honest. Maybe just a showcase of holobuildings, tile and the likes? Do you guys have any ideas?

Earth 2 resource validation. This is where we can say hey this resource is missing from this area and other players can then vote on it to have the E2 team look at it faster. Correct votes will then give a reward of presumably essence.

We can also expect the official whitepaper launch, the E2 physical mastercards, a verified megacity index and the first essence reward system. Although I expected that to be part of the resource validation hmmm. I’m not so sure what that is, if not.

Now moving onto Q3 we have the essence token launch with maybe earlier alongside it. So I guess Q3 is the latest we should expect that.

Following that we have the integration of essence live trading price into Earth 2. I guess that’s going to be where they link the cost of essence on the exchanges to features such as upgrading jewels, land and so on.

Next up we have resources release part 2/resource production begins, this I presume will actually be the collecting of resources from our land.

We’re also getting the ability to upgrade land from tier 2 to tier 1. Which makes sense, waiting until they have the trading value of essence to tie that to.

There’s also gifting v2, I’m unsure what that is. Maybe gifting jewels and essence?

We will also see a second essence reward system. 

Then portals, I’m guessing portals are linked to EPLs but we will see.

A huge one in Q3 will be the E2 social media platform launch. I’m pretty excited for that.

Land leasing will also come in Q3. Hopefully they build in some good mechanics in the contract where the owners have an out if the leaser isn’t doing much with the land but at the same time they need some protection built in for those leasing too. That’s going to be a hard one to perfect.

Then moving onto Q3/4

Earth 2’s digital world V1. That’s what was shown in the last tech demo of flying over the world. Basically a lower poly version of Earth 2 and Tier 1 ecosim buildings to keep up busy and lead up to phase 3.

Then a global scale 3D egg hunt which will certainly be an upgrade from jumping on every image posted looking for eggs before being able to just enjoy the content for what it is.

Then the E2 launcher. I’m not sure if that is referring to the app or maybe something to launch apps and games that work on Earth 2? Do you guys know?

Then the vehicle/ship creator. I would guess that’s based on the drone editor.

And in the next section of Q3/4 continues we have 

Then the Earth 2 DAO too. Again that’s in the tokenomics video too if you’re interested in hearing more.

Earth 2 land NFT claimable on network. We’ve covered that in the tokenomics section if you’re interested in hearing more.

We will also have the megamart, I’ve seen Shane mention that before. I think it’s basically just going to be a much better version of the current market, covering everything from properties to resources and holobuildings.

After the Q3/4 we just have a coming. I’m taking these to be things that are in the works with no date estimates.

First up we have Earth 2 PVP (v1). We know the E2 version of drone is supposed to be launching this year. So I’m guessing these will be one and the same.

Then onto holodecks. I have seen these mentioned in the past. But I can’t recall any information on what they actually are. If you guys know anything more. Please let me know below.

Next it’s MM, I have no idea what that is, maybe an abbreviation of mission mode? Again for the next CNPCS. I’m not 100% sure on that but my guess would be custom non player characters. 

Then to E2 customized buildings v1 (residential and commercial, airports, ports and roads). Now these are likely something different to the Ecosim buildings as we’ve already seen those mentioned earlier.

Next we have the long awaited avatars. I’m excited to see these. I think the only glimpse we’ve had so far would be the humanoids from the drone footage.

Now another abbreviation, IRM. I had no idea on this one but a quick google bring up “Information rights management (IRM) is a discipline that involves managing, controling and securing content from unwanted access.” I guess that could be it. What do you guys think?

Then onto EMM. Another one I had to google, this comes up as “Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business context.” again that could certainly fit within the E2 realm.

After this we see the voting system. We’ve cover that a fair bit in past draft paper sections already

Next up is dail yn or dailyn. Google couldn’t even find anything for this one. So let me know if you guys have any ideas.

Then we have WP. My guess for this would have been the white paper but that was mentioned earlier. It still could be I guess.

Onto E2 streaming. Maybe streams from the PVP matches, official game streams in platform.

Next is E24E1. If you’re a follower of Shanes social media you will likely know what this is. It’s going to be something in relation to Earth 2 doing good in Earth 1. A way for the platform and us to help the real work. I’m kind of excited to see what that will be.

Lastly we see the ads marketplace, this as we know from earlier will allow players to decide what is shown on their properties and assets.

Now remember those last 14 we’re all just listed as coming, so they’re not necessarily in order.

Now the last page of the Earth 2 draft is titled:


So what is the end goal inside of Earth 2? What should I be doing or striving to


First of all, long term you should be looking to create your own space. A space where you can escape and feel happy. Where you can look at the digital things you own and the things you’ve created and reflect on what each one is and how you came to acquire it. How they make your space into what you want it to be.

For others, Earth 2 will be a place to flex. To play the game and not only collaborate but to compete with others. To be better than the next Player and to have more than the next Player. To be one step ahead. To show off their trophies and designs and travel Earth 2 in style. To have a visual aura around them which speaks volumes of their presence. It will be a place where all Players who believe in the Metaverse and the value of digital and virtual items and worlds can come together with a common understanding and common ground, without needing to say a word. Web3 has given a glimpse into what commonly accepted value lies in virtual and digital

goods and Earth 2 will become an axis which brings all such things into one place with the ability to build, display, hold, use, link, discover, experience all by which solidify the value and worth of everything that exists within Earth 2. It will be a place where a Player can start from scratch, without land, without assets, by simply creating a free account and putting in some dedication, time and effort to make their way. It will be a place to conquer, avenge, ally, trade, build, play, fight, create, express, connect and so much more. Because of all this, traditional commerce will follow. People and businesses will create 3D environments inside of Earth 2, not only to sell digital wares, but physical wares too. People will advertise, hustle, bustle and suddenly we have a buzzing world but a world where the extraordinary can and will happen every day. A place where the virtual you can live forever.

Would you like to join us?

We are creating a second Earth, Earth 2, a geolocational Metaverse of the real world and a place that will transform into things we have not yet envisioned.”

Earth 2 – The People’s Metaverse.

Player, thank you for Playing.”

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