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Flat Earth 2? A Problem to be Fixed

So the flat earth problem or lack of flat Earth problem is probably a better way of putting it. So as we know there’s a problem that needs to be solved in regards to the Ecosim. A problem of not all land is flat. We’ve seen the problem mentioned by …

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Races in Earth 2?

So it looks like Earth 2 has races. Not as in car races, although I do think that will eventually be a given but races like humans, elves, orks and such. Although these are just examples of races rather than ones which will be present inside Earth 2. We’ve had …

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Breaking Down Shane’s Video

Shanes Video Breakdown Thumbnail

So today Shane dropped a video “Earth 2 Founder’s Candid Thoughts on Part of the Journey so Far”. I’m just going to go over that, pick out some points I find interesting and give my opinions on those. So let’s get into it. Shane reiratates it’s all about the players, …

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Earth 2: Will we all get custom EPLs?

Will we all get custom EPL's thumbnail.

Today we’re going to look at EPL or earth2 property location. For those of you who don’t know here’s a quote from Shane. The “essence once available will be used to upgrade your standard teleporter” along with the next paragraph “larger properties will get the ability to upgrade their teleporters …

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