Shoonfest 2024

Shoonfest is back for 2024!

Earth 2’s longest running annual community event celebrating the talent within the community and aiming to become a fully fledged carnival come festival inside of E2V1.

So, how does it work? Whilst you’re watching the show please make a note of the contestants name or number. These will show at the beginning and the end of each performance. Now once you’ve finished watching all of the incredible talents please comment down below who your favourite act is. Please just 1 nomination per viewer. After 24 hours the votes will then be tallied up to find the winners. There’s also 2 awards which will be judged by the Shoon City Council for Most Original and Most Creative entries. These will be decided between the remaining runners up, meaning a wider distribution of prizes.


1: Peter Nadudvari

2: Tony (TGVerse)

3: Terry Nova

4: Brad from Metasoft

5: Merlin

6: Gainmaster

7: Resin

8: JSUN Designs


10: Yehna

11: Forever08

12: Earth2Explorer4life

13: Earth 2 Riches

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