How to Buy and Sell Civilians in Earth 2

So the Earth 2 Civilian marketplace has gone live. I’m going to give you guys a little step by step guide on buying and selling civilians within it.

Firstly to get to the civilian section of the bazaar you need to click into the marketplace in the main menu, in here you will see “bazaar” at the top and within that you can click civilians to see the listings.

Now it is important to note that for every civilian you have there is a feeding or maintenance cost of 4 Red Energy per week. Make sure to take that into consideration when buying as if you run out of Red Energy they will stop working. Try to just place them on plots you think will raid at least 12 RE per week if you plan on having all 3 civs on the plot.

Now I am going to start with buying. If you’re just looking to sell, feel free to skip ahead or click the timestamps below to get straight to it.

Now you will see we have some handy filters at the top, you can filter by civilian level, faction, occupation, and there’s a few sorting options there too making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

You may notice prices vary across the different factions and this is because there’s actually different rarities across them with Egyptian gods being the rarest, space force being the most common and the rebels sitting somewhere in between.

There’s also varying prices across the 3 different job roles too with the raid commander who launches the auto raids going for more than the Cydroid Technician and E-ther Reckoner.
Don’t forget you can have up to one of each civilian occupation on each property all fulfilling a different role. The Cydroid Technician automatically charges your Cydroids, the E-ther Reckoner automatically dispenses your E-ther and again the Raid Commander sends Auto Raids.

Right so once you’ve decided which civilian you want and found them within the listings, to buy it you simply click the buy now button. Here you will be shown a popup giving you a breakdown of the price and a property selection screen. This is how you pick where your new civilian is going to live. You need to start typing in the name of the property you want them on. So if you’re not sure which it is, it’s probably best to go check your portfolio first, maybe even copy the name so you can paste it in here. But once it’s in you should be able to select the property and click the “buy civilian” button. Doing so will bring up a final confirmation screen when you can buy the civilian or cancel. Once purchased the civilian will be instantly at the chosen location and ready to start working.

Next up we have selling civilians. To list your civilians for sale, come into the raid management section from the menu. You should automatically be in the civilians section when you enter.

You can either scroll through the list to find the one you want to sell or you can use the search box. But once you’ve found the civilian you want to sell simply click the green sell civilian button in the bottom right. This will open up a new screen giving you logistics options. However for now only the teleport option works so just skip ahead to the set price screen by clicking the button below. In here you will be able to set your desired sale price and you can see here there will be an additional sales fee added to the top of the listing price.
Now when it comes to what price to sell for again they do vary a fair bit across the civilian types and factions. If you’re unsure just open the civilian market in another tab and check the floor price or the cheapest price a civilian the same as yours is listed for.

Now if you’re happy with your price and sure you want to go ahead just click the list civilian for sale button and you will be given one last confirmation screen. Here you can click sell civilian which will add it to the market listings or you can cancel from this final screen too.

As always, I hope this has helped. If you have any questions at all feel free to let me know.







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