How to Buy and Sell Cydroids in Earth 2

So the Earth 2 Cydroid Market is officially live and I’m going to walk you through the process of buying and selling cydroids on the Earth 2 marketplace.

Firstly to get to the cydroid section of the bazaar you need to click into the marketplace in the main menu, once in here you will see “bazaar” at the top and within that you can click cydroids to see the listings.

Now an important thing to note is you can’t sell cydroid without them being powered and if you’re buying cydroids they come with a 5 Essence power cell. That’s 5 Essence which can be removed. There was also the original 2.5 Essence build cost. Making a total of 7.5 Essence per cydroid or 5 you can remove if you’re buying. Just something to think about when contemplating buying or selling.

Now I am going to start with buying. If you’re just looking to sell, feel free to skip ahead or click the timestamps below.

Now here in the bazaar we have a few filters, well done Earth 2. You can filter by the rarity and cydroid types as well as being able to sort by price and rarity. There’s also a couple of toggle buttons to the right one named “my items” which does exactly as it says and shows you your own cydroid market listings. The other flip view gives you the cydroid details for all the listed cydroids the same as clicking the view button does for them individually. 

Now to buy a cydroid you simply click the buy button on whichever one you want or you can even check multiple and buy a few at the same time. However for the transaction to work you do need to make sure you have the space to tether them. As in you need to have a property or properties which aren’t already fully tethered with cydroids. On the popup screen you do need to select which properties the new cydroids are going to be tethered to and unfortunately It doesn’t seem to show a list by default so you do need to know which properties have space on to be able to start writing. Hopefully they will auto populate this at some point so you can just easily select a property without having to find look up names first. But once you have selected the property, if you want to go ahead just click buy cydroid button, here you will then get another confirmation screen giving you a breakdown of the sale price and another buy cydroid button. Clicking this will purchase the cydroid and tether it to your previously selected property.

Now to sell cydroids, the easiest way I’ve found to do it is coming into raid management and clicking into cydroids. In here you can filter by cydroid types, particularly useful if you’re just looking to sell a certain kind like your commons or legendaries. But the main thing I would recommend doing is sorting by charge. This will bring all of your de-powered cydroids to the front. Now this is important because your cydroids need to be fully charged to be able to sell them and powering a cydroid automatically puts it at 100% charge. A fair little faster than having to charge them first and then come to this screen. Although you may still need to do that if some of the ones you have powered are ones you want to sell.
Now once you have the cydroid you want to sell and it has a 100% charge we can go ahead. Here I will just quickly power one and you will see the sell cydroid button appear. Clicking this shows a few options for logistics however the only one working for now is the teleport so just leave this as is. Next you will see the set price button. Clicking this opens a new screen showing you your cydroid details along with a box where you can manually type the price in. If you’re not sure how much you should be putting in here I would recommend going back to the marketplace, seeing what the floor price is and if you want a quick sale either match it or beat it by 1 cent, otherwise feel free to put in whatever price you like.
Now once you’ve decided your price type it in, click the list cydroid for sale and here you will get a confirmation screen showing you the cydroid name, price and a sell cydroid button. If you’re happy with the information and price shown go ahead and click the sell cydroid button to list your cydroid on the marketplace. Now that’s it your cydroid should be listed and you will see a “for sale” icon appear on it in the cydroid list. You can also go back to the bazaar and see your own listings within the cydroids section if you wish. Now I will note I have noticed from time to time these listings do fail. If that happens you can either try again or simply move onto listing another one.

Now I will say don’t forget cydroid types will play a role in how we collect resources so if you are going to buy or sell, you might want to bear this in mind when it comes to balancing your portfolio.

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