Phase 2 PVP, Resources, and Earth 2 Revenues

Global PVP coming to phase 2! So yeah, we’re potentially getting PVP across the full globe which would come with risk but also be rewarding. That’s my biggest takeaway from Shane’s video. Shane doesn’t say the people that know about shanes plan are excited about it but it’s still a great teaser.

We’ve already paid for our land and should expect most of the future releases to either be free for us land holders or for our land to be able to produce what we require or something we can trade others to then build or unlock the next feature. For example land spawning jewels and resources. Jewels having the slotting utility and resources in the future being what we use to create building components.

Shane mentions going forward revenues will continue to come from future land sales and fees from transactions such as the cut the take on jewel and property sales. He does then say there’s a number of other areas he doesn’t have time to go into now. But I will add to those a big one will be ad revenues, product placement and sponsorship kind of deals. Potentially like the HSBC and Disney logos we’ve already seen. There’s another video on that if you’re interested.

When we get other games linking into the E2 platform there will also likely be further transaction fees from those too. Not to mention as soon as essence launches and starts trading that’s going to put a big chunk of change in not just the players wallets but Earth 2’s too, this will be pretty much a continuous revenue stream so long as the platform is a success.

We then have things that are pure speculation such as my video on “Earth 2 the world’s biggest resource database”

My point is there’s a TON of areas Earth 2 can bring in revenue without putting that burden on us the players. So for that Shane, I thank you.

Shane is big on player ownership, for the time and effort and money we put into the platform he wants the things we own to hold some monetary value for us. He wants us to be able to buy, sell and trade the things we own.
He does also go on to state players will need to spend or “lock up” essence to generate raw materials. To me that certainly sounds like he’s hinting at staking rewards, which would be cool.

Talking of free to play Shane mentions “You don’t need to own land to create a holobuilding”
I’m not sure if there’s an update coming to the holobuilding editor but currently you do actually need to own land to create even blueprints, as the first selection in the editor be that blueprint or building is to select the plot of land, without doing so you can’t move to the next step. The size of your holobuilding is then also limited by the size of that plot. Fingers crossed we’re getting an update with a default space where we can create blueprints without having those restrictions.

Earth 2 was almost launched as a crypto project but lawyers advised to launch as fiat. To be honest I think that was a good call. I don’t think we would have had anywhere near as much growth or a user base anywhere near the size we’re at now if you could only purchase via crypto. To be honest, it’s unlikely I would even be here. I’ve learned a little about crypto since joining E2, but didn’t have a clue when I first bought into E2.

The first step of resources going live will be existing plots of landing display which resources exist within them. This only being on properties that are player own and it won’t show amounts for now. Shane then states players should be aware of the risk that buying close to the properties with these resources doesn’t necessarily guarantee your plot will have the same. So bear this in mind if you do go looking for resources. These will start with gold and oil heatmaps with a couple weeks testing to ensure things work as they should before rolling out other resource heatmaps. Shane also states everything including the player validations is still on time and should be released during Q2. We then hear about the rewards and penalties for player validation, rewards for correct validations and penalties for false ones. Remember player validation isn’t deciding what should be where but simply think of it as an upvote for the E2 team to manually review that area and what’s been submitted for them faster.

Lastly Shane says there’s a new vlog coming over the next 24 hours. It seems like there’s something in the next video that we as players should be aware of or get excited for. So let’s see what that is.

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