Tier 3 Land and New Territories Explained

So we’ve seen a fairly big update with the introduction of T3 land, new territories and E-ther boosts.

First off let’s look at what new territories are. If you think of how the borders of countries operate inside of Earth 2 now, each one has its own land value and its own boundaries. Territories are similar to that but inside of a country and are made up from existing Earth 1 boundaries. For example the United States will be broken down into states, Belarus will be broken down into regions and Malta, broken down into localities.
However once a territory does become independent the Tier 1 and Tier 2 land values do remain tied to the wider country and the independent pricing only appears to be that of the new Tier 3 land with T3 prices increasing independently from the country for each territory.

Now these territories do vary massively in size depending on the country, for example a country as large as Belarus the home of Shoon City is only split into 6 territories whilst Italy is split into 107 and this varies across every country. Some huge, some tiny and many sitting in between the two.
Now sizes have been a bit of a hot topic but I personally really like the huge variety of sizes, I think it will really create some interesting game mechanics and allow a variety of tactics down the line.

Now these territories aren’t all coming out at once, in fact for now it looks like they will be released 1 at a time because Earth 2 have introduced a voting system for us to elect which territories become independent or at least the order they do anyway with those with the most votes going first and once that’s live the next highest voted one and so on. I’ve seen 1 day and 3 days mentioned between releases however I do suspect this can and will vary.

So, how does voting work? Firstly for a territory to be listed for votes it needs to be submitted, anyone with tiles in that territory can be the first to submit and once it’s been done you will find it listed below for other players to be able to vote on.

There’s even a search box to make finding the one you’re after a little easier.

We can vote using our land tiles, Essence or both. However to vote with Essence you do still need to hold land in that country and the land tiles do need to be in the territory you’re voting for. They also have varying voting power for example 1 t1 tile = 10 votes. 1 t2 tile = 5 votes. 1 essence = 1 vote.

One thing to bare in mind, voting with Essence does appear to lock it up until the territory is approved. With 1000’s of Territories Essence could potentially end up being locked up for years. So just make sure you’re happy with that risk and or you’re fairly certain it will be one of the faster territories to be approved.

You may also notice there’s an option to vote for the time of release too if you have a preference no matter which time you pick the votes will still go to the total vote balance of that property but the time with the most votes will be the successful release time for that property the day it goes live.

Right, so now that we know about the voting system you should also know that once a new Territory opens it also unlocks Tier 3 land within that Territory with prices resetting to 0.10 and rising independently of the primary country for each territory. However the T1 and T2 land values are still tied to the wider country.
So what’s different about T3, well going from what Shane has said in Discord. Tier 3 is the base tile and will be the last of all land tiers.

• T3 cannot support a Mentar, therefore it cannot mine E-ther direction from Earth 2
• T3 will have what E2 calls a Seed, that can be upgraded to a Mentar if the Tier is upgraded.
• T3 cannot build Cydroids, although it can host them.
• T3 cannot synthesise Civilians
• T3 cannot spawn Jewels
• T3 can detect resources but cannot harvest the Occurrence Units directly
• T3 will not have land classes and it will not have any jewel slots.

Now it has been said T2 will remain for sale for now, although it has been hinted that it might close at some point. Just make sure you guys don’t fomo into buying tons of new tiles in tons of new territories. There’s going to literally be 1000’s of new territories open and that could get very expensive very fast.

The last thing we need to cover is the new E-ther boost. However I will likely do a stand alone video on this so I’m going to keep it brief. Basically the new feature rewards T1 and T2 land owners with an E-ther boost for collecting your E-ther daily. This boost comes from a pool and any left over as in not collected via the boost will then roll over to T3 land owners, becoming attracted to the baby version of their Mentar, the seed. So a good chance for all landowners from Tier 1 down to Tier 3 to make some extra E-ther.

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