How to Check Cydroid Rarity and Rarity Details

So, you’ve built your cydroids and now you want to know if you’ve scored any epic or legendary drops? Well let’s find out..

Firstly cydroids are broken down into 5 rarities, Common which has 5 Cydroids, Uncommon with 11 Cydroids, Rare with 10, Epic with 7 and legendary with 5.

Now how we know which rarity we have is checked by the colour ring surrounding it.
If you can come to your property and click on the raid button here you will see a little image of your Cydroid. If you can’t make out which it is from the small image, just right click and open the image in a new tab to see a much larger version.

Now if you have a White ring, that’s Common. Green is Uncommon. Greeny blue is Rare, Purple is Epic and Yellow is Legendary.

Now Gasper created a little survey to check just how rare and common these actually are.
This dataset is based on over 16k Cydroids from 21 different users.

From this we can see there’s an almost 47% chance of getting a Common, 25% chance of getting an Uncommon, 17% chance of getting a Rare, a little under 8% chance of getting an Epic and around 3.2% chance of getting a Legendary.

Now this doesn’t take into account which of each type of skin you’re getting. The chance of getting 1 of each type or a specific one within a type is obviously lower than just getting any of that type. However, I did previously ask Shane if there were different rarities or different chances of getting certain types within a rarity and he did confirm that for now you do have the same odds of getting any of them within a specific rarity section.

Now as for the point of rarity. For now there’s none other than aesthetics or bragging rights. They all raid in exactly the same way. However, it has been confirmed they will have varying utility in the future updates depending on the cydroid type.

So that’s pretty much it. Hopefully you understand your Cydroid collection a little better now. Feel free to let me know in the comments below which rarities you guys managed.

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