Cydroid Jewel Slotting

So, cydroid jewel slotting has gone live. I’m going to give you guys a quick tutorial on how we go about slotting cydroids. The benefits of doing so and my personal plan. First of all to get to cydroid slotting you want to come into raid management from the main …

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How to Easily Setup Auto Raid Targets

A featured image showing an Earth 2 raid commander, some properties and cydroids.

Now this is for you guys who already have civilians, if you don’t I do have another tutorial on that, which I would recommend watching first. Civlain Setup Video Right so I’ve seen tons of people getting confused over this. Hopefully this will help. I’m going to start by saying …

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Civilians on Earth 2 How to Setup and use to Auto Raid

A featured imagine for the civilians article showing Pacey the author and Earth 2 civilians

Civilians. Here we go. So the role of civilians is to automate tasks for you. Raiding tasks to be more specific. At least to start with anyway. The first 3 we have are the E-ther Reckoner which automatically dispenses your E-ther for you, he Cydroid Technician who auto charges your …

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How to Check Cydroid Rarity and Rarity Details

So, you’ve built your cydroids and now you want to know if you’ve scored any epic or legendary drops? Well let’s find out.. Firstly cydroids are broken down into 5 rarities, Common which has 5 Cydroids, Uncommon with 11 Cydroids, Rare with 10, Epic with 7 and legendary with 5. …

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How to Raid in Earth 2

Right, here’s a quick guide to get you guys out raiding and bringing home that E-ther. I will say you do need cydroids to begin. If you don’t have them, I do have a tutorial on creating those. So let’s begin. First of all you want to come over to …

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6 Tips to Prepare for Raiding in Earth 2

1:Cydroid rarity. I can’t lie, I really want some legendary cydroids! So Earth 2 state: “Each type of Cydroid will be grouped into its own distinct level of rarity, ranging between Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.” We don’t know what the chances to grab each rarity will be yet …

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