Civilians on Earth 2 How to Setup and use to Auto Raid

Civilians. Here we go.

So the role of civilians is to automate tasks for you. Raiding tasks to be more specific. At least to start with anyway. The first 3 we have are the E-ther Reckoner which automatically dispenses your E-ther for you, he Cydroid Technician who auto charges your cydroids and the third, the one I’m most excited for is the raid commander who will automatically send your cydroids out raiding. But before they can do any of that they need to be synthsized. Up to 3 civilians per property, 1 of each kind.


We have 2 ways of getting to the properties we want to synthesize civilians on.

We have the raid management from the menu. Here we have tabs for civilians and properties. To start adding civilians to your properties you want to come into the properties tab and you can either just flick through the list finding properties to build on or you can use the search option to find specific ones. Once you’ve found one, clicking on the property will give you the option to synthesize civilians for it. Click this to open a secondary menu to the right where you can start the process.

Now civilians are built in a set order, that being the E-ther Reckoner, the Cydroid Technician and then the raid commander. To get started you want to click the up button to add civilians, noticing they’re then selected below. Then click the synthesize button for another popup confirmation. Here you will be given the total cost and how long it will take. So here for 3 civilians with a cost of 75 E-ther or 25 per civilian, 12 red energy at 4 per civilian and a total of 3 days. Although they are produced 1 every 24 hours so you don’t need to wait the full 3 days for your first civilians to spawn. Clicking the confirm button will start that process.

Now the way I personally prefer to interact with them is from the raid menu. If we come over here we can sort our properties in the same way we would for raiding and know exactly which ones we want to build on. I prefer this way as in here we can check if we have multiple favourites setup for the civilians to raid or if it’s an area we would prefer not to. Now once we’ve found a property we want to build civilians on and confirmed we have some good raid targets you can click the little civilian icon to open the raid management for just that property. Here again it’s the same process as earlier, click the property, then click synthesis to open that menu and here you can select the number of civs you want to spawn and confirm.

Unfortunately you do have to actually left click the civilian icon to have it open the raid management for just that property, opening in a new tab does open all properties. Hopefully that’s something they can address later as it really interrupts the flow when you’re trying to work through a list. Ideally even having the management screen open as a popup on the raid menu screen would be a grand addition, wink, wink, nudge, nudge E2

Now before you go too crazy and just spawn civilians everywhere, please note they do have a cost of 4 Red Energy Units per week, per civilian so ideally try to only produce civilians on plots which will essentially pay for themselves. Plots which will gather at least 12 E-ther per week as each unit of E-ther dispensed grants you 1 unit of red energy. If you don’t have enough red energy for your civilians they will down tools and stop working.

Now once you have your civilians their skills are turned on by default so you might notice they start auto charging, dispensing and raiding for you. But let’s take a little bit of a look at exactly how that works and the options you have.


To see your civilians, again you can access them via the menu for a long list of all civilians or again the way I prefer, seeing them for a specific property from the raid menu. Open this and click on the property to show the civilians, then clicking a civilian will open the details and options for it. 

Firstly we have the E-ther dispenser, here you have his info and on the top here you have his ability menu. Clicking this will give you the option to turn the auto dispense skill off or on but you do also have the option to set it to dispense when full or contains any amount of E-ther. I personally would say have it on and set to full, at least for now until your civilian levels up as the lower the level the longer the civilians take to start the task automation, as in there’s a delay where your cydroids will sit doing nothing before the automation. This starts at 2 hours for level 1 civs and goes all the way down to a 5 minute delay for level 6 civilians. This is true for all 3 civilian types.

Next we have the technician or auto charger. This one I personally think is a little redundant in the early levels as your cydroid battery lasts around 3 days without being charged at all. But if this guy is turned on you’re going to be charging every time it returns from a raid, but you’re also going to have that delay of up to 2 hours before he even starts charging. So unless you want to be 100% hands off with raiding I would suggest having these guys all turned off and just popping on yourself to charge the cydroids every now and again.
I personally wouldn’t turn this skill on until either their levels are higher so there’s less of a delay or if E2 gives us the option to set which charge percent they auto charge them at.

Lastly we have the raid commander, probably the most complex of the 3. In his ability tab you will see the option to have auto raid on or off. Now if you don’t know how auto raiding works it uses the properties you have set as your favourites to raid. You do also have to have manually raided them at least once yourself too. These are the icons you set from the property list in the raid menu, there’s multiple ones you can set or you can set them all to the same, depending on how you want to play.

You can also customise these to have your raid commander only target properties you’ve set certain targets on if you wish too. You can do this by either clicking new auto raid and edit and here you can add in the icons you want him to raid and leave out the ones you don’t. You can also edit these directly from the raid menu too, just above the property lists.

To begin with the raid commander can only target 1 property over and over again/ However this does go up by 1 property with each level your raid commander gains until level 6 when this becomes an infinite number of properties. Yes, infinite. 

Now hopefully you understand the basics of raiding, but let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below. 

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