Red Energy Explained

What is Red Energy?

So red energy. What exactly is it, how do we get it and what can we do with it? Let’s take a look.

In short, red energy is earned from dispensing E-ther from successful raids. Right now we’re getting 1 to 1 as in 1 red energy for every raided E-ther we dispense. Although that could later change. The red energy article does also hint there might be future ways to get red energy too. So something to keep an eye on.

Right, so now we know how to get red energy. What exactly can we do with it?
Firstly there’s a temporary I want to say reward but use case might be a better way of putting it where we can buy tier 1 land directly from the map using red energy. Although there is still a E$ cost along with the red energy too. Other than buying T1 land from the marketplace this is currently the only way to get new T1 land.

Now we also know it’s going to be used to essentially feed civilians. Each civilian will consume red energy each week to keep it working. If you run out of red energy you civilians will down tools and go for a walkies elsewhere until either you have enough red energy to bring them back or another player recruits them for their own use.

Now again red energy for sustenance will be a temporary measure until we have some sort of farming or harvesting inside of E2 to feed our civilians with instead.

So that leaves me wondering what the long term use case for red energy will be too. Do you guys have any ideas?

Now that you have a brief overview I’m going to go into a little more detail for those interested. These snippets have pretty much just been plucked from the Earth 2 article on red energy which I will leave a link to in the description below.


“What is Red Energy?

Red Energy is an energised, gas-like matter which is drawn to areas of conflict inside Earth 2. It senses conflict and almost always attaches itself to the victor or the victor’s spoils, though it has also been known to attach itself to other entities participating in or close to the conflict. Whether its attachment is formed with a single victor, or distributed within a special group of participants, there is no set pattern to this logic. Even so, Players know that it is something good to collect whenever the opportunity arises because of the various uses it will have over time.

How do I get Red Energy?

Red Energy will mostly be obtainable through activities that contain some form of conflict inside Earth 2, meaning for the most part, Players do not have to do anything additional or special outside of the activity they had already chosen to participate in. Red Energy obtained in this way can then be used for various rewards or benefits that will become available from time to time.

What can Red Energy be used for?

Red Energy will have a variety of future uses in Earth 2 but initially, and for a limited time, Red Energy will allow Players to use it to energise new land purchased into a Tier 1 property. At the moment, Red Energy is particularly drawn to the E-ther pillaged from other Players’ properties. Because of this strong connection between raided E-ther and Red Energy, when this E-ther is dispensed by the Player it signifies the end to the conflict and an additional 1:1 amount of Red Energy can be earned and accumulated.

Red Energy is one of many ways Earth 2’s value-for-time ethos is incorporated within the foundations for the People’s Metaverse and we’re excited about building on this foundation into the future.

How do I buy Tier 1 land?

Every time you successfully Raid and dispense E-ther, the attached Red Energy will be credited to you, the Raider, and automatically accumulate in your balance.

To buy Tier 1 land from the map, simply select up to 750 tiles in a country of your choice. Select BUY NOW which will then display a checkbox to unlock your selected tiles to be Tier 1, using your Red Energy.

You will need 3 units of Red Energy for every tile selected for purchase. If your Red Energy balance is insufficient, you can earn more by successfully raiding and dispensing more E-ther.

How can I check my Red Energy balance?

Checking your Red Energy balance is very simple. You can find the current balance on:

Your profile page;

Your Transactions History (Select Other Transaction Type);

The Buy Land checkout page

To summarise all the new information on Red Energy:

Successfully Raided E-ther dispensed by the Player will reward a 1:1 amount of Red Energy
For a limited time, Red Energy will allow Players to energise new land purchased into a Tier 1 property.
You will need 3 units of Red Energy for every Tier 1 tile selected for purchase.
Red Energy is the first of multiple Energy types in Earth 2
Red Energy is an energised, gas-like matter drawn to areas of conflict inside Earth 2
Red Energy will be obtainable through activities and can then be used for various rewards or benefits that will become available from time to time
Active gameplay is a source of rewards for its Players. Players already actively raiding for E-ther will now receive the surprise bonus of Red Energy
A plethora of various RBAs will become available in Earth 2.
Tier 1 tiles may even be cheaper than the current price of new Tier 2 land in some countries, making it a great reward for Players successfully Raiding.”

Earth 2 Red Energy Article:

So there we go. You guys now know as much as I do about red energy.

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