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How to Submit Yellow Energy Claims

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So before we get started it should be noted there’s some pretty set in stone rules of what does and doesn’t qualify for Yellow Energy, Here’s a link to the Earth 2 article I do recommend giving that a read before submitting anything. But for those of you who …

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Yellow Energy Explained

So, Yellow Energy. What is it and how do we get it? First of all this is probably the first release from E2 that most players likely won’t get or qualify for but In Essence, Yellow Energy is a reward for creating helpful, educational or entertaining Earth 2 content and …

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Earth 2 Location, Location, Location

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So, I’ve been thinking about land and what people will go for in the future. So far I think it would be fair to say landmarks in Earth 1 have been the most desired locations in Earth 2. Then capital cities, tourist spots, malls and so on. We have also …

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