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Earth 2 Avatar Partnership Announced with Ready Player Me

So Earth 2 have partnered with Ready Player Me to bring you avatars. They say “Ready Player Me means Players will be able to explore E2V1, the first version of Earth 2’s upcoming 1:1 digital replication of planet Earth, as customisable avatars much earlier than expected” Looking at the character …

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A First Look at Raiding on the Earth 2 Test Site

So here’s a first look at raiding on the Earth 2 test site.Please remember this is just a test site so things could potentially change before being pushed to live. But to start with you have a little raid button at the top. Clicking that takes you to a list …

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Crypto Payments come to Earth 2

So, Crypto Payments are coming to Earth 2. On the Earth 2 test site users have found a third party solution implemented giving users an additional option of buying new land with crypto, the option when clicked opens a popup from a company called Rocketfuel On their popup they state: …

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