Shoon City

The Playground of earth 2

When you think of Earth 2, what comes to mind? Other than tiles and VR the first thing that pops into my head is Shoon. The playful combination of Shane and soon. Shoon City takes that playfulness and puts it into city form.

A light hearted city where you can let your hair down and de-stress from the ‘real’ world.

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City Districts

Down Town

The centre and main social hub of the city. Virtual beers, entertainment and much more.

Dirt Bike
Sports District

The city will host everything from destruction derby to races, golf and much much more.

Busy Park

Built upon an existing city

Shoon City has been intentionally built over an existing city, Minsk, Belarus with a GDP of 63.08 billion USD (2019) and a city population 2,039,000 (2021)

The heart of Shoon City sits upon a park with over 15,000 Google reviews. Hosts music festivals and tons of annual events. A Megacity not only built for VR but to take advantage of geo-linked locations, augmented reality and ad share revenues.


As the city expands so will what the city offers. We will be bring you casinos (if allowed), theme parks, water parks, FPS arenas, dirt bike tracks, golf courses and much much more.

We recommend taking a look at the city areas and deciding where your own personal project fits.

There’s no set rules as to which section to build in. You can decide. But  buildings near similar businesses will allow you to take advantage of natural traffic in each zone.

Theme Park Ride
Night Club
Dirt Bike
Water Slides