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Resource Detection Improvements Go live in Earth 2

So just a quick one today. Earth 2 has updated the resource information. Not only do we now have bigger and brighter dots and a darker background on the heatmap view. But we also have resources showing on the property pages too. Right now you will either see gold, oil, …

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Resource Heatmaps Explained

So, I’ve seen a lot of confusion over the recent release of resource heatmaps within Earth 2. I’m just going to go over how to check them, what it means and how they work. Right so the first thing I need to say is resources only show on player owned …

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Knights of Malta

Introducing a brand new megacity, adding on to the organic growth of Malta’s main capital Valletta, brings Knights of Malta. Officially launched in May 2022 and founded originally in seeking overall governance and dominance, Resin its founder has branched out as a sponsor for the AR and ad capabilities holding …

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