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Earth 2 Skins – What are they and what do they do?

Earth 2 skins featured image

So, what are Earth 2 Skins? Essentially they’re cosmetic upgrades, a way to flex on other players, a way to stand out or even simply a way to express your personality through your avatar in the same way we do with clothes in the real world. Now we do know …

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Shoonfest 2024

Shoonfest is back for 2024! Earth 2’s longest running annual community event celebrating the talent within the community and aiming to become a fully fledged carnival come festival inside of E2V1. So, how does it work? Whilst you’re watching the show please make a note of the contestants name or …

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Supercharge Boost – Boosted E-ther – Explained

So, you guys may have noticed the supercharged boost bar on the e-ther collection section of E2 but what exactly is it? Well in short it’s an additional E-ther bonus for active players, one that increases the more consecutive days you login and collect your E-ther, up to a maximum …

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