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An Earth 2 Jewel Quest

So we’re getting what Earth 2 have dubbed as an optional campaign for Pre E2V1 Wood, Water and Sand Occurrence Units. In short you can get backdated wood, water and sand resources on your plots by slotting the Green, Blue and Sandy jewels. However you do also need a holobuilding …

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The Weaver, Prospecting Cydroids & Resources – Simplified

Featured image for the article and video on The Weaver, Prospecting Cydroids & Resources Simplified

So we’ve recently had an update from Shane and the earth 2 team covering future game mechanics from resource production to new civilian types, Essence and Jewel burning and so much. I’m going to give you guys a water down version of this to begin with for those casual players. …

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How to Easily Setup Auto Raid Targets

A featured image showing an Earth 2 raid commander, some properties and cydroids.

Now this is for you guys who already have civilians, if you don’t I do have another tutorial on that, which I would recommend watching first. Civlain Setup Video Right so I’ve seen tons of people getting confused over this. Hopefully this will help. I’m going to start by saying …

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