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Phase 2 PVP, Resources, and Earth 2 Revenues

Global PVP coming to phase 2! So yeah, we’re potentially getting PVP across the full globe which would come with risk but also be rewarding. That’s my biggest takeaway from Shane’s video. Shane doesn’t say the people that know about shanes plan are excited about it but it’s still a …

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Earth 2 Essence Conversion Explained

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people comparing conversion rates of essence recently and being concerned over what they think are low rates compared to others. I’m just going to look that over and give a few reasons as to why your conversion rates could be lower or higher …

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Earth 2 Mentars Explained

So, first of all Mentars are the first Ecosim building. They detect E-ther that evaporates from the land and convert it into Essence. Essence being the crypto currency of Earth 2. In the future mentars will also be responsible for detecting and processing resources on your land too. Without these …

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