How to Upgrade Land Tiers in Earth 2

Right you lovely lot. Let’s take a look at how to upgrade land tiers.
Now I will say there’s a nice big article from Earth 2 which covers all of this and much more in super details, I recommend having a read through that before you go spending your Essence and energies on upgrades, it comes with all the ins, outs and changing mechanics. Don’t just fomo and blow all your Essence before thinking through your game plan.


However, for those of you who are ready to upgrade, let’s go.


So first of all, to find the land upgrade button just come to whichever property you want to upgrade, click into it and you will find the upgrade button right there.

Land upgrade button on Earth 2 site.

Now here you will see options to upgrade using just Essence or Essence and an energy type. For now only Essence alone and the Essence and Red Energy options are working however the other options will come online at some point.

So it’s important to know that the upgrade cost is the land value difference between the current tier of your land the tier you’re upgrading to. How much Essence is used will be the difference between the two in Essence value depending on its current external price and this will vary and change along with the token price.. So be sure to have a good think if this Essence price is one you’re comfortable upgrading with.

The first option of just Essence, that comes with no discounts and is 100% of the value difference between the tiers in Essence.

The second option of red energy and Essence does vary depending on if you’re upgrading from Tier 3 to Tier 2,which can give a maximum discount of up to 60% or Tier 2 to Tier 1 can give a maximum discount of up to 30%. To adjust how much red energy you want to use there’s a slider or you can simply type it in. As you move it you will see it recalculates the costs.

Now another thing I should mention before we go ahead and actually upgrade are the special tiles. For each upgrade option the first 25,000 tiles, per energy type and per country will receive a permanent E-ther boost that produces more E-ther than the standard T1 tiles. It’s 5x as much as you would have got from them as T2 tiles. But please remember that is 5x what it would have been as a T2, not 5x a standard T1.

You can see under each upgrade option how many of these special tiles remain, once they’re gone your tiles will just be upgraded to a standard T1. Now there are a few thing to note:

Firstly the special tiles are only for land upgraded from Tier 2 to Tier 1.

Second, if you’re upgrading using energy you do need to use 100% of the available discount. Max sure that the bar is maxed out. 25%, 50% and 99% will not qualify and you will miss out, so be sure to double check you have done it all the way if you’re going for the specials.

Lastly the plot your upgrading does need to be the same size as or smaller than the available number of special tiles. If it only shows 100 special tiles left and you’re trying to upgrade a plot of 101 tiles, 200 tiles or even a flex, you will miss out. So please be sure to check all these numbers.

Now you may have also noticed a tickbox to allow slippage. It’s basically just to say you’re ok with the price changing by up to 1%, this can happen due to other player upgrading at the same time and or the external price of Essence changes. If it goes above the 1% you will get a warning message letting you know the price has changed significantly.

So that’s pretty much it, if you do want to go ahead just click the upgrade button and as long as you have enough Essence and or Energy that should go through.

Just to add to that now that you have upgraded land, don’t forget you will have increased your number of jewel slots, be sure to slot all of these to get your e-ther detection up to 100%, also if you’ve upgraded for resources don’t forget to make sure you have a holobuilding on the property and the correct prime jewels slot.

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