6 Tips to Prepare for Raiding in Earth 2

1:Cydroid rarity. I can’t lie, I really want some legendary cydroids!

So Earth 2 state:

“Each type of Cydroid will be grouped into its own distinct level of rarity, ranging between Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.” We don’t know what the chances to grab each rarity will be yet but I’m sure some community boffins will work it out after it goes live if E2 don’t let us know.

They do also go on to say we will be able to get the rarer cydroids by other means during the ecosim, but they’re not too specific on exactly how this will be done. However they do mention the rarer ones will still be harder to get.

I’ve already seen a few people mentioning they’re going to be trying for more cydroids after reading this as they want some rare ones. Has this changed your plans at all?

2: Property locations.

So the first thing a lot of people think about when it comes to raid location is you want to be in a big built up area, surrounded by people. Which I agree should potentially give you a lot more options. But it will also give you a lot more competition too.

However, it’s certainly not the only option. Areas with less players, maybe just a few scattered around could certainly work well too. Try to find areas from early E2 days where the players will be more likely to be inactive. Will you have less properties you can raid? Yes. But you will also have less players raiding the properties around you too.

3: Cydroids will be harder to get later. This has been mentioned a few times now by Shane and the team. With the latest article stating:

“For a not yet confirmed period, Raiding Version 1 will provide Players with an early-access opportunity to build and obtain Cydroids directly from their Mentars via control on the Raiding panel before there is a requirement to adhere to future rules of the EcoSim.”

So should we make the most of it and go all in, building on every plot or proceed with caution? Well there’s a few things to consider:

Firstly we know cydroids are sold with the land plot they’re on. However, we do also know you can relocate cydroids. So if you fill all of your plots and then want to sell some of your land, the only options you have will be to either buy more land to transfer them to or sell the cydroids with the plot. However, leaving a few blank properties scattered around the map where you don’t build cydroids could potentially combat this issue and give you the space needed to move them to, if you do want to sell.

Another thing to consider is what happens if new cydroids are released but you’re already at capacity, will this mean you’re going to potentially miss out on trying for the new cydroids?

4: Plot size. Now plot sizes determine how many cydroids you can hold. The minimum plot size to hold a cydroid is 4 tiles.
We have plots of:

4 – 9 = 1
10 – 29 = 2
30 – 59 = 3
60 – 99 = 4
100 – 199 = 5
200 – 324 = 6
325 – 474 = 7
474 – 649 = 8
650 – 749 = 9
and 750+ being 10

5: Number 5. Be sure to collect your own E-ther at least every 24 hours. After it’s been sitting for 24 hours or longer, it can then be picked up by other players raiding cydroids. So be sure to lot in at least once a day to grab it.

6: Droids are sold with land, so be careful when selling. Make sure you’re aware of which cydroids are on your plot, and relocate any you wish to keep. You don’t want to accidentally give away a legendary. There’s also not going to be a way to know initially which cydroids are present plots of land on the market are holding during purchase either, so we super careful of anyone making potentially false claims in the descriptions with Earth 2 stating:

“For now, please disregard advertisements or claims made by other Players regarding what Cydroids or raiding value their “for sale” property may have. Players purchasing properties from the Marketplace will not yet have any official way to confirm the included assets of the sale and therefore should conduct purchases solely based on the property details they can see.

So there we go, that’s my 6 tips to prepare for raiding, do you guys have anything you would add to the list?

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